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How To Find Your Motivation In Life – Easy Steps


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How To Find Your Motivation In Life – I am a huge believer in personal development. I started my very own story in late 2014. I got working a job that paid for really well but required numerous hours of my moment a month. It also kept me away from my wife. I was employed in the necessary oil fields for a pipeline business in North Dakota, and she was last in Los Angeles. She works inside entertainment, so there were no job opportunities in that industry in North Dakota.

How To Find Your Motivation In Life – At the beginning of November 2014, I was ultimately able to take some time for us to take a vacation. I wanted her to have out of LA for a while, and I sure as hell wanted to get out of the cold. We booked a trip to Orlando, FL, for ten days. Three days at Universal Studios Resort, four days at Walt Disney World Resort, and two days traveling around Orlando.

How To Find Your Motivation In Life – Upon arriving back in North Dakota, back into the frigid temperatures, I started to reconsider coming to ND for work. Yea, the pay was great, and we needed the income, but at what cost.

At the time, I was starting to learn how to invest in real estate, and in one of the books I was reading, the author had suggested people should read one of Tony Robbin’s books, Awaken the Giant Within. As told, I got the book in audio and started working my way through it. This led to a chain reaction for wanting to better me.

How To Find Your Motivation In Life – Through this eagerness to redevelop how I think and act when I go to work on myself, there was a single main reoccurring message application from every motivational speaker, each life coach, every instructor, “you must find your own personal WHY. ” Every one of these men and women I studied had different approaches to the challenges involving life and how to deal with these people, but it all came down to obtaining your WHY.

How To Find Your Motivation In Life – You see your own personal WHY, which is going to ensure you get through those hard times. Your own personal WHY is what will keep anyone moving in the direction within your dreams. Your WHY is what will get you out of bed each morning. Your “WHY very well will force you to stumble through the right decisions that will help you to your goals. In short, your “WHY ” is everything.

It took us several tries to find this WHY, but I eventually found it and mastered cultivating, feeding, and nurturing it.

Here are some tips to help you get your WHY.

How To Find Your Motivation In Life – The first step to finding your WHY is to evaluate your current situation. You will have to ask yourself a series of questions, and it helps to be brutally honest, and you must be humble to produce the correct answers.

1 . Why am I in this current situation?

2 . What decisions did I make to end up at this point?

3 . What was the desired outcome of these decisions?

Once you have answered these questions, you can then move on to the next step, which gets you thinking about where you want to take your life.

1 . What do I truly want out of life?

2 . If I stay on this path, will I get there? Yes/No

3 . If Yes, how long will it acquire me to get there? If not, what path do I require to be on to get right now there?

4 . How did people who already made it for you to where I want to be, arrive there?

How To Find Your Motivation In Life – If you don’t know the answer to the last question, you must seek the correct knowledge to discover it. By no means take advice from those who do not have the desired outcome you need. Most people won’t see that final result for you, so you must visualize it and learn from whoever has been there. Once you can reply to these questions, the next step is to engineer the outcome.

1 . What / things do I need to learn to achieve this goal?

2 . Why, Therefore, I’m not at my goal/dream at the moment?

3 . What is stopping us from getting it?

4 . Precisely what changes do I need to make for you to myself to achieve this goal/dream?

5 . Where do I find guides to help me along the way?

For yourself, there might be a few more things you must uncover to get to where you want to be, but for me, this answering all these questions gave me a precise picture of where I wanted to travel.

Now that you have a clear photograph of your desired destination, you can begin developing your WHY!

How To Find Your Motivation In Life – To develop your own personal WHY, the best thing to do is to lock yourself in a peaceful room where there are no thoughts and grab something to write using. Some paper to write about (not a computer, computers are the most distracting things created).

Start writing down everything you want out of life, and I also mean everything, write everything down. Don’t worry about how you will get it; just right it straight down. Next, start writing the reasons why you want all these things. Since you have done that, begin ranking those things from most significant to the least important.

How To Find Your Motivation In Life – After that, write down why those top five to ten things are so vital for you to get. What will those best things mean for you? Lastly, write down what you are willing to fatigue to reach the top things you want.

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