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How to fix a door- 5 to 6 common problems and tricks to fix them

how to fix a door


Does your door give you trouble? Do you want to know how to fix a door? Then I must say you are in the right place. Anything that you are using that requires maintenance. If the door does not work correctly, you might need to fix that. Doors have some common problems; do not think you are the only one. Multiple things are responsible for the issue. Like dry air, slamming doors, humidity, and house movement, sometimes kids swing on that. Whether you have installed your new door or they have been in its place for a long time, different types of problems can occur at any time. Are you facing some issues with your door? To fix a door, you may need to adjust the hinges, replace the doorknob, or repair any damaged sections, ensuring it functions smoothly and securely.

Below, we will discuss How to fix a door:

Door hinge problem

The hinge plays a vital role in every door. You can open and close the door smoothly; this is all because of the hinge. But if the hinge creates any problem, closing the door won’t be easy. This is the most common problem which may occur from daily usage. All you have to do is to retighten the screws. You can use a manual screwdriver or an electric one. Another solution is using olive or any oil to lubricate this. Then, you can wipe up the excess fat.

how to fix a door
how to fix a door

A door that cannot stay fastened

Some doors don’t stay latched, which inconveniences the people staying home. When we face this issue, we use something rigid to shut the door, but we can quickly fix this. You will need to install longer screws, or you can adjust the strike to realign everything.

A drafty door

A drafty door is very uncomfortable. The drafty door can also have an impact on your electric bill. You can use the cooling and heating system to regulate indoor temperature. To fix it, you have to identify the issue point. Now, remember how the drafts enter. This happens because of the weather or because the door is not closing. Most of the time, you must add or replace the weatherstripping. This will help you to prevent air from entering or escaping. If it is still not working, you must return the entire door.

Sticking door

A sticking door is not only uncomfortable but irritating, too. This can be the reason for dirty hinges or for something which is more complicated, like a foundation issue. Try to troubleshoot the sticky door; then, you can start some essential solutions. First, you can try to clean all the hinges. Clean clothes; do not use water; use oil that can lubricate the hinges. Also, check whether the door is sticking or not.

The uneven door at the top

If your door is not installed correctly, mainly if it stays uneven at the top, it will give you pain. Sometimes, it has been seen that one side of the door is higher than the other side. Another reason can be the hinge is out. To fix all these issues, there is no need to call a carpenter all the time; you can quickly fix this on your own. So, to improve the uneven door, check if the door is out of the plumb. If you understand that the issue is because of the uneven floor, then you have to trim the downside of the door or the hinge part of the door. Now, measure how much you can trim to fix it. Take the measurement first; then, you can cut it down.

how to fix a door
how to fix a door

The door closes on its own

You might have seen that some of the doors close automatically. This is so frustrating. In most cases, this happens because of the door’s weight or because it is out of plumb. So, to fix it, you need to add some resistance inside the hinges. Take the spring hinge and prevent the door from shutting.


These are a few easy tricks I have shared with you, but if you cannot fix it, consult a professional who can fix all these problems without any hassle. They will design and provide you with the security expectations. Try to consult with a professional who is using craftsmanship techniques.