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Types of Garage Doors


Selecting the ideal garage door for your home is an important decision, as you want a door that looks appealing and operates seamlessly. Choose the best Garage Door Company.

Wood carriage doors and traditional steel garage doors are durable, low-maintenance options for garage doors. Insulated with Intellicore for extra noise protection and weather protection. Furthermore, modern designs come equipped with windows for an aesthetic touch.


Sectional garage doors offer an alternative to up-and-over doors. Constructed primarily of steel, these modernized versions often include features to increase insulation, automation, and security for enhanced performance.

Automatic garage doors may be ideal for homeowners who wish to maximize their available garage space. Furthermore, they do not require the same clearance space in front of them that a traditional manual up-and-over garage door does, making parking vehicles closer easier.

Garage doors come in various designs and textures that will perfectly compliment the decor of any home and have been rigorously tested and certified for safety, with anti-entrapment features to prevent fingers from being caught, plus easy operation. Insulated sections are especially beneficial in winter as they keep heat inside your garage to save energy costs – not to mention being one of the safest types of doors available today.


Roll-up garage doors resemble residential overhead door panels in that they travel upward. This makes them the ideal solution when ceiling-mounted tracks aren’t viable or insufficient space above an opening; when opened, they slide apart into each other and coil around an overhead drum drum.

This design makes them more durable than other commercial garage doors, withstanding frequent opening and closing cycles and being resistant to weather elements like rust.

Steel slat doors are an excellent solution for warehouses and other facilities that need extra security, featuring steel slats that lock together for added safety, are insulated to maintain energy efficiency, and are easy to install. They can even feature window openings for added aesthetic appeal.


Side-hinged garage doors are an attractive, traditional solution that opens on hinges at both ends of the garage door. Most commonly found in single-car garages but can also be installed in larger spaces, this door style can easily be operated and add rustic charm.

Closet doors are quieter than canopy doors and can even be automated for easy access to your garage. Perfect if you use it as storage, as they provide privacy.

Side-hinged garage doors are perfect for storing bikes and garden equipment. Additionally, it provides you with convenient access to work tools or Spanner. Heaving open an up-and-over garage door just to grab something off shelves can be exhausting; with side-hinged doors, you swing open one to access what you need!


Glass garage doors add modern style and contemporary flair to a home’s exterior design, adding sleek style with elegant aesthetics and versatility. Customization options for these garage doors range from an array of colors and tints that suit individual homeowner preferences and the architectural style of your home, with dark tinting being especially popular because it helps decrease sunlight while offering privacy.

Glass is easy to maintain and requires regular professional maintenance checks and routine cleaning. Insulating can make glass doors more energy-efficient and quiet when opening or closing.

Most glass garage doors feature durable anodized aluminum frames to reduce the weight of panels, making them easier to operate. Some models may also come equipped with laminated safety glass panels that break down into tiny fragments rather than sharp shards should they break during breakage; laminated safety glass should be chosen by homeowners in hurricane zones or areas with high winds for injury protection, and wind-rated glass should be selected by those living near hurricane zones or strong winds.

Homeowners living in hurricane zones or areas subject to high winds should opt for windproof glass, while customizations such as Intellicore insulation expands between layers providing a tight seal that helps keep the garage warmer during Ohio/Michigan winter weather conditions.

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