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How to Save a Presentation Using MS PowerPoint 2007


MS PowerPoint is a program that is used to create presentations. This is a program that is designed for Macintosh computers. It was released in 1987 and is now owned by Microsoft.

Creating presentations from scratch or a template

In MS PowerPoint 2007, you can create a presentation from scratch or a template. Making a presentation from a template can save you time and effort. The templates include fonts, designs, colors, and even placeholder content. You can use the same templates for as many presentations as you need.

Templates can be helpful if you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to create your presentation. For example, when preparing a business meeting, it can be beneficial to use a template to help you with the task. Using a template if your presentation is a corporate affair is also a good idea, as the resulting business presentation can have a professional look.

Microsoft Office Online allows users to download free templates that they can use in their presentations. Some of these templates are created by third-party vendors, but many are from Microsoft.


PowerPoint is a presentation software that has a library of visual and audio tools. These tools help you to create more engaging presentations. For example, you can add pictures, charts, videos, and animations to your slides.

Microsoft PowerPoint has many features, including a layout similar to Excel. You can also drag and drop objects to your slides. This is the same way you can add text, links, and shapes.

You can also choose a font that can be changed using the “Find and Replace” function. It’s important to note that the font style is a separate tab in the ribbon.

The Slide Sorter View is a handy feature in PowerPoint. This is especially helpful when checking for information gaps or redundancy.

You can also use the Poll Everywhere option to get audience input. With this feature, you don’t have to preload questions and responses.


Macro is the name of a series of keystrokes that are often used to automate repetitive tasks. It can also be described as a snippet of code that performs the most obvious corresponding function.

A macro is a small piece of code that can run within PowerPoint. Macros can be created and recorded for use in future presentations. Using a macro can reduce your time on repetitive tasks and improve your overall productivity.

For example, a macro can loop through textboxes and shapes in a presentation. You can do this by adding a small loop to all the slides in a document.

One of the most impressive macros that can be created in PowerPoint is the table of contents. It calculates the total number of characters in your MS PowerPoint document. The number of characters is calculated by dividing the actual characters in your paper by the length of a standard TABLE column.

Save presentations in different formats.

If you are using PowerPoint, you may wonder how to save presentations in different formats. You can use several options, including PDF, OpenDocument, and more. In addition, these different formats can be used to share your work with others.

The first step in saving a presentation is to go to the “Save” menu. You will see a dropdown list on the right side of the Save As dialog box. Please select the file format and location you want to save it to.

The next step is to choose a file name for your file. Choose a name that reflects the topic of your presentation. Be sure to use descriptive words, and avoid using a lot of capital letters. It is a good idea to keep the file name short and to limit the file size to no more than 40 characters.

Slide designs can be downloaded online.

If you want to create a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint, you can download templates to customize it. These templates will allow you to create a professional-looking slide show without much work. You can use these templates to create presentations for your marketing plan, architectural project, or sales proposal.

PowerPoint templates are free to download. However, you should be aware that most templates offer little slides. Therefore, unless you are willing to spend money, you may not be able to find the kind of design you are looking for. The following sites offer a variety of free PowerPoint templates to choose from.

Behance is an online creative hub that showcases works from around the world. In addition, it has a small section dedicated to PowerPoint designs. This feature allows you to filter for templates by category, tag, and popularity.