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Iobit malware fighter : Is iobit malware fighter worth it!

Iobit malware fighter


We will elaborate on iobit malware fighter in this write up. Malware is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately in today’s cyberspace. Why, you ask? Your computer may become useless as a result of malware that has infiltrated it and stolen passwords and other important files. Ramnit Ransomware is a prime illustration; when it assaults your computer, it also infects all attached removable discs and other files. Trust us when we say that this virus is not your typical one.

To handle it, you need specialised tools that can assist you in removing malware and other cybersecurity dangers that could jeopardise your computer and data. IObit Malware Fighter is one of these tools. We’ll examine whether this malware removal tool has what it takes to shield your computer from various forms of malware and other infections in this blog post.

What Is IObit Malware Fighter?

A malware eradication programme called IObit Malware Fighter guards your computer from a range of infections, including different types of malware, viruses, spyware, adware, Trojan horses, and other harmful files. It is compatible with all major versions of Windows (10/8.1/8/7/XP). The database of IObit Malware Fighter has grown by around 50% recently.

It uses Safe Box and SATA Protection to safeguard your sensitive and important data. Let’s look more closely at some additional factors, including the user interface, functionality, scanning speed, and customer service. Moreover, IObit Malware Fighter includes the Bitdefender Engine and the IObit Anti-Ransomware Engine, both of which are included in the pro edition of the programme.

Features of IObit Malware Fighter

A strong and complete anti-malware solution, IObit Malware Fighter offers defence against viruses, Trojans, ransomware, spyware, and other security threats. The software, created by IObit Security Technologies, provides customers with a simple user interface and a wealth of capabilities to make sure your machine stays malware-free. To assist you in determining whether IObit Malware Fighter is the correct choice for you, this article examines the features in more detail.

iobit malware fighter
iobit malware fighter

A dual engine scanning capability included in IObit Malware Fighter aids in finding and removing hidden malicious files from your computer. The software’s real-time protection helps defend against fresh attacks from malicious files while also blocking harmful websites to prevent device infection.

IObit Malware Fighter Pros And Cons


  • A sleek and distinct interface
  • Multiple scanning options, including smart, complete, and custom
  • Even the free version provides comprehensive online protection; you can monitor dangerous downloads, extensions, plugins, and it even gives DNS protection.
  • Rapid and thorough scanning
  • Dependable client service


  • Several respectable features, including the Bitdefender engine, anti-tracking cookies, and secure box. Only the professional version has access to the anti-ransomware engine.

User Interface Overview

IObit Malware Fighter is a great option for people who want to safeguard their online privacy and PC from viruses. This user-friendly anti-malware tool is made to scan quickly and effectively and to protect you from dangerous threats. The software provides an easy-to-use user interface with quick access to several functions and settings, making the process of safeguarding your Laptop simpler than ever.


There are two versions of IObit Malware Fighter: IObit Malware Fighter free and IObit Malware Fighter Pro. For US$ 19.95, you may purchase IObit Malware Fighter Pro.

Customer Support

There are numerous ways to contact the customer support team if you encounter any problems. If you do, they will respond promptly. You can raise a ticket describing the precise problem you are experiencing, give the customer support team a call, or chat with them to reach the frontline customer care team around-the-clock.

iobit malware fighter
iobit malware fighter

The frequently asked questions section of IObit also provides answers to common queries that users like you might have. You may very well discover the solution to your question there. Also, there is a forum where other people routinely express questions and problems. Also, you can ask other IObit Malware Fighter users a question.


With our in-depth IObit Malware Fighter review, we’ve tried to provide you a clear picture of everything this malware removal has to offer. According to our assessment, it includes some outstanding tools that protect your computer and its data from all types of infections, including Malware, Ransomware, Phishing assaults, and other dangers. If you found the review useful, please click the “like” button and tell your friends about it so they can learn how to protect their computers and data as well.