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iSee4 eye massager from Breo Review – Stunning Device To Relax Your Eyes



iSee4 eye massager from Breo review – After having a long day somewhere makes us look forward to relaxing in various ways. It can be in the form of food, juices, nap, games, etc. However, the one thing that works for all of us is a therapeutic massage. It has the capacity of relaxing our every bone and muscle. But, with the Covid-Pandemic, every one of us has switched to digital tools.

It leads to more screen time which means more strain in the eyes. If you are dealing with a mild headache or eye-itching, or redness in the eyes, you should get your hands on the iSee4 eye massager. We are doing a complete iSee4 eye massager from Breo Review for your better understanding.

iSee4 eye massager from Breo review

iSee4 eye massager from Breo Review – Features

As the name suggests, the purpose of an eye massager is to relax your eyes and help you sleep better. It can take away your stress and boost your mental health. For instance, if your screen time is more than usual, this device can do wonders for you. Let’s get into the features and see what else does it offers.

  1. Comfortable and Flexible Design – The specialty of this eye massager is that it is of the general size with an elastic strap at the back. It is so that it fits everyone from teenagers to adults. The straps make it usable for everyone with different head sizes. You can also fold this device for storing or packing conveniently.
  2. Infrared Heat – It generates heat up to 39 to 42 degrees Celsius to stimulate our eyes muscles. It increases the blood flow in our eyes and softens the skin around it. Altogether, it brings a lot of relaxation to our eyes.
  3. Various Options Available For Massage – There are multiple options available for massages as per your preference. The choices are kneading, trigger point therapy, rhythmic percussion, and oscillating pressure. You can choose them as per your issues like dry eyes, headaches, eye strain, eye puffiness, sinus pressure, etc.
  4. High-Quality Construction – While selecting the material, Breo was careful about what fabric would suit our eyes. Hence, they used ultra-soft hypoallergic cover for better results.
  5. Different Modes – Three modes come with this eye massager. These are Sleep, MED, and HARD.

iSee4 eye massager from Breo Review – Positive Testimonials

iSee4 eye massager from Breo review

iSee4 eye massager from Breo Review – Negative Testimonials

iSee4 eye massager from Breo review


Massaging our eyes is as crucial as caressing our other body parts. Therefore, it is better to take necessary actions for them before it is too late. Through this iSee4 eye massager from Breo Review, you must have understood how it improves your mental health and blood flow of eyes. We suggest that the best time to use this eye massager would be right after you watch TV, read books, surf the internet, or before sleeping.

We often take out health lightly and do not pay the necessary attention to it. If we are aware of our problems, the least we can do is try to find solutions and follow them regularly. With this eye massager, you will not only take better care of your eyes but will also lead a healthy life as it will also take away your mental stress.

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How can I contact Breo for any further queries that I may have?

You can contact Breo at 09 948 6188. You can also choose to e-mail them at

Where is the head office of Breo?

The head office of Breo is at Unit 4, 4 Laurenson Road, Hobsonville, Auckland, New Zealand.

Who is the owner of Breo?

The owner of Breo is Jamie Daniels.