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Jewelry Trends That Will Ensure You Shine Bright This Year


With jewelry trends that meet minimalist and maximalist tastes, expressing yourself has never been simpler. From delicate bib necklaces to striking pendants, there’s sure to be something trendy that complements any look – these trending pieces will take your style from dull to beautiful in no time! To know more, check out

This year, personalized jewelry has been a trend as it allows you to craft something unique that embodies your individuality. From initial necklaces and bracelet stacks, personalized pieces add an elegant flair to any look.

Mixing Metals

Mixing metals has long been a trend, yet its popularity has only increased recently. When done right, it creates a distinctive look in any outfit by emphasizing contrast and drawing visual interest to any look.

Start small by pairing silver earrings and necklaces with gold rings or bracelets for an elegant yet casual look. Or wear a two-tone timepiece as an easy way to incorporate this trend into everyday fashion.

Playful pops of color are an effortless summer jewelry trend you’ll encounter everywhere, from beachy shell necklaces and signet rings to contemporary wavy rings from State Property and Retrouvai that combine traditional elements with contemporary designs.

Layering Necklaces

Layering necklaces is one of the best ways to express yourself while adding new ones to your collection or reusing old ones from your wardrobe. Plus, it can save money!

Balance is critical when layering necklaces; each necklace should shine brightly without dominating the overall look. Therefore, starting with your shortest chain (usually a choker) and working outward will create the best results.

Mix dainty chains with chunkier designs for an eclectic yet modern aesthetic; use necklace layering clasps or adjustable extenders to prevent the chains from tangling.

Statement Rings

Jewelry adds the final touches to any ensemble, and statement rings make a bold statement about your confidence and independence. Wearing statement rings shows others you are confident enough to stand alone.

Small to medium-sized statement rings are ideal for everyday wear. Larger designs may be too bulky, especially if they don’t suit your hand shape perfectly.

Consider customizing your ring to reflect your personality, heritage, or history through jewelry. Choose rings featuring engravings featuring family crests or unique stones for an individualized piece.

Vintage-Inspired Jewelry

Something about vintage-inspired jewelry feels special. Perhaps it’s the nostalgic memories of friendship bracelet making with puka shells or how well gold coin necklaces pair with cocoon coats and wide-legged trousers seen on runways for Fall Winter 21 collections.

Jewelry inspired by historical periods offers authenticity unrivaled by other pieces. Victorian or art deco designs will indeed find something suitable, and unlike fashion trends which come and go, fine jewelry lasts a lifetime!

Kid-Friendly Jewelry

From time immemorial, giving children jewelry has been an international tradition. More recently, however, this trend has flourished into kid-friendly jewelry that is both fun and safe to wear by young ones.

When buying jewelry as a birthday or holiday present for kids, personalization with engravings or birthstones makes the jewelry even more meaningful and distinctive.

Kids’ jewelry includes cute charms representing religious holidays, special events, or unique memories. By selecting designs explicitly tailored to your child’s interests, you can create something they will enjoy wearing for years.

Vintage Diamond Jewelry

Jewelry from an earlier era often exudes timeless appeal, just like vintage coats and bags. Be it resin cuffs inspired by Iris Apfel or Victorian-era diamonds with rare yellow diamonds – antique-style pieces will undoubtedly help make you stand out this year.

At 1stDibs, Art Nouveau pieces that showcase filigree and lace-like detailing, asymmetry, and an artistic approach are currently the top searched-for vintage ring styles. Furthermore, post-WWII jewelers embraced color by including gemstones like lapis-lazuli in distinct designs yet still grounded in history.

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