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Keep Food Fresh With a Vacuum Glass Container


Vacuum glass containers keep food fresh up to five times longer than non-vacuum storage methods, are heatproof up to 300o C, and are dishwasher-friendly for convenient cleaning. Read the Best info about HaanGlas vacuum insulating glass.

The vacuum extracts air from the container, helping reduce microorganism growth that leads to food spoilage while protecting aromas and vitamins in foodstuffs.


This glass container features a vacuum seal to reduce air and moisture absorption and prolong food shelf life, preserving vitamins, aromas, and minerals over time.

These practical borosilicate glass containers, designed to work with the Fresh & Save vacuum pump (sold separately), keep food fresh up to five times longer than non-vacuum storage methods. Ideal for keeping frozen leftovers without freezing burn, fresh produce in the refrigerator fresh, or ovenproof up to 180degC without the lid!

Plastic cannot be washed in the dishwasher and is insect and rodent-proof. At the same time, glass is available with handy vacuum pumps that extract air when you press a button, safely locking in flavor, aroma, and nutrients to preserve food. Borosilicate glass containers are designed for temperatures from -20deg C up to +100deg C, making them suitable for cooking, storage, and serving, with sizes that suit different storage needs.


Glass dishes are an ideal way to prepare, store and reheat food while helping save the planet and reduce carbon footprint by recycling correctly. Furthermore, they’re reusable; wash them in your sink or use the washing machine when dirty! Additionally, these stylish containers display an impression when serving special occasion meals or recipes!

Imagine being amazed to learn there’s a glass container designed solely to vacuum seal food! This revolutionary method keeps food fresher for longer. These borosilicate containers hold plenty of liquid, with a vacuum seal produced using a hand pump specialized pump creating an airlock seal – even though items typically considered discards can still taste just as fresh or better when stored this way!


Whether lunch, leftovers, or something in between, vacuum glass containers offer an ideal solution. Made of borosilicate glass for optimal storing conditions and equipped with an easy vacuum seal valve for effortless vacuum packing – there’s sure to be one in various sizes for every application!

The vacuum helps extend food freshness by reducing air oxidation and moisture absorption. Connect a vacuum pump (available as part of a separate set) to your container valve, push its button, and lock in flavor, aroma, and nutrients!

Cooking in these borosilicate glass containers saves both time and energy, enabling you to prepare an entire meal from start to finish in just one pot. There will also be fewer dishes to wash up afterward and less clutter in your kitchen cabinets; leftovers can quickly be heated back up again in either the oven or microwave after that – plus, this material acts as an insulator so you can still prepare food at home even if temperatures outside drop below freezing!


Vacuum sealers are the new way to keep food fresh; they protect it from oxidation, moisture, and putrid odors while helping extend shelf life by five times and decreasing carbon footprint. We suggest the Catler VS 8011 or Luvele hand pump with vacuum glass containers as excellent options for this task.

Glass containers are great for cooking, storing, and reheating food – not to mention being good for the environment since they can be recycled or reused! Not only are they more difficult to break than plastic dishes, but they can also withstand temperature changes – perfect if you want to microwave! Plus, they are super simple to clean; rinse in hot water when finished using! Plus, they make for convenient leftover storage in fridge and freezer environments!

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