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Living Healthy Lives on Purpose


How to live a disease-free and healthy existence for the rest of your life. Do you believe that is a pipe dream? If you think it is impossible, you have already defeated your goal. However, if you believe it is feasible, I can assure you that it is both conceivable and occurring.  Choose the best homeopathic doctor in Dallas.

I’ll show you how to make it happen for yourself, just like for me and countless others.

Pay attention; we are healthy by design and ill by default!

Living a healthy life is a decision we make every day by what we do, what we eat and drink, and how we conduct our lives in general. I’ll teach you how to live a dynamic, active, and healthy life. How to live a whole life while never being ill without medicines or surgery.

How to seem to have discovered the Fountain of Youth’s secret.

Let me ask you this crucial question:

What Is the Cause of Our Illness?
It is almost hard to mend anything if we do not know what caused it. So, we must first investigate what is causing us to get ill, and I am sure some of the causes may surprise you.

To simplify matters, there are two reasons why a person becomes unwell.

You “catch” anything when your body takes up a bug, most often a bacterium or a virus.
Your body becomes unwell or suffers from a disease. That is because something has gone wrong in your systems, resulting in an imbalance. Best way to find the homeopathic dr.

Something isn’t operating correctly, and a sickness or illness develops. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, acid reflux, arthritis, and other diseases are examples.

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Remember, our goal is to live a healthy lifestyle; therefore, let’s go further into these two origins of all illnesses and diseases. And I’ll begin with the first reason, catching something.

As previously stated, the condition is caused by either bacteria or germs. But consider this: the atmosphere is teeming with these tiny, sometimes unseen animals. Have you ever wondered why some individuals in the same setting as others get up the virus and are fine?

Don’t tell me that everyone is built up differently; you’ll quickly see why this argument can’t stand the test of time.

I said earlier that we are healthy by design, which means our bodies are built to fend off the bacteria and germs that attack us daily.

The Immune System is that innate machinery, and it has two primary roles critical to a person’s existence.

The Immune System identifies all microorganisms and foreign substances that may harm shumans.
The Immune System also eliminates these microorganisms, chemicals, or foreign bodies.
Our immune system may be impaired in several ways, the most prevalent of which are as follows:
A. Malnourishment, or a lack of critical nutrients such as vitamins and trace minerals.

B. Stress may be both physical and psychological. Obesity may be a factor.

C. Chemotherapy, often known as an anti-cancer treatment

D. Infectious illnesses are caused by “catching” something.

E. Diet comprises nutrients that help in unique ways to function the complicated Immune system properly.


F. AIDS: This is a weakness in the immune system produced by viral assaults on your body’s defensive schemes.

Let me remind you of the two leading causes of why individuals get ill:

First, you catch something, and your body cannot fight it off. Therefore your body succumbs to the germs.
Your body creates stuff in genetically vulnerable places.
The reasons are the same in each of the above examples.
A. You have a weakened immune system.
B. Toxins are wreaking havoc on your body.

When we analyze those two primary causes of disease, we may infer that all illnesses are caused by one or a mixture of four factors. This is what Kevin Trudeau says about why humans become ill in one of his books, “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About.”Kevin’s four main explanations for all illnesses are as follows:

First, people get ill due to too many poisons in their bodies.
We have nutritional deficiencies, which means our cells aren’t obtaining enough nutrients in the right amounts.
Electromagnetic Chaos exposes us to it and hurts us. (EMC).
You have accumulated mental and emotional tension. Look into the Best info about homeo doctor.
According to Kevin, these are the only four reasons our immune system could be weak or genetically fragile parts of the body can break down, enabling sickness and disease to emerge.
Although Kevin said that these are the sole causes of all ailments, I would want to add one more.

Because I want to prove this fact, or should I say TRUTH!!

As living organisms known as humans, we are distinct from all other living things. Therefore, only humans are made in Elohim’s image and likeness.

Consequently, only humans are made in His image and likeness, which means that, just as Elohim exists in three forms as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we live in three dimensions: body, soul, and spirit.

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