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Morgan house: The latest spooky joint giving rise to haunted tourism!

Morgan house


Morgan House in Kalimpong has undoubtedly been mentioned by everyone who has a fetish for haunted hotels in India. A wealthy businessman named Mr. George Morgan built the ivy-draped colonial cottage in the 1930s to celebrate his marriage to his lovely wife. It is tucked away in the estate’s rolling hills of lush greenery. The mansion, which has a view of the magnificent Kanchenjunga, was constructed atop the Dupindara mountain.

One may reach the ideal location to gain a clear glimpse of the Kanchenjunga mountain range after a seven-minute pleasant and attractive drive from the Elgin Silver Oaks. The mansion and estate provide diverse views of the valleys of Relli, Kapher, Deolo, and Labha and are surrounded by the Kalimpong Cantonment region. The Morgan House has a fascinating history. Prior to then, it went by the names Durpin Tourist Lodge or Singamari Tourist Lodge.

History of Morgan House, Kalimpong:

George Morgan, a jute magnate, built The Morgan Mansion in the 1930s. In this home, Mr. Morgan wed a woman who was the owner of an indigo plantation. Upon their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan lived there; it served as their vacation residence for a while. The stone Victorian home with a gabled roof, glass windows, and tall chimneys, The Morgan House, is a testimony to the architectural splendour of the colonial era.

The house was abandoned, and a trust became the owner. The government acquired possession of the property after India gained independence. The house is currently operated as a boutique hotel by West Bengal Tourist Development Corporation Ltd.

Morgan House
Morgan House

Haunted stories about Morgan House, Kalimpong:

To begin their new life together after their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan decided Morgan House was the ideal location. Happiness, however, did not stay for long because Mr. Morgan departed the house shortly after Mrs. Morgan’s untimely death.

Locals thought Mrs. Morgan’s husband tormented her before she died, which is why they believe her sad spirit still haunts the house, explaining the mystery surrounding her unexpected death. People and guests have heard the tapping of high-heeled shoes in the lodge’s hallways, despite the fact that ghost sightings have never occurred. The mansion is still allegedly haunted by Lady Morgan’s ghost. It is allegedly possible to hear someone wearing high heels as they go through the wooden hallways.

Popularity of Morgan House, Kalimpong:

Although it is uncertain whether the lady ghost haunts the house, it has in fact been in high demand among Bollywood artists. On one of the walls in the lounge area, appreciations are framed and hung as a testament. Booking the Morgan House in Kalimpong is still challenging.

Location of Morgan House, Kalimpong:

The Morgan House is located on a 16-acre estate of lush green hills that faces the magnificent Kanchenjunga mountain range. The estate is situated on Durpin Dara Hill. The cantonment area of Kalimpong encircles the estate. Kalimpong town is 4 kilometres from the hotel.

How To Rich

The only means of transportation to this house is a car. Also, you can rent a car in Jalpaiguri, Siliguri, Darjeeling, and Gangtok. Bus service is also available. It is 75 kilometres from Siliguri and Jalpaiguri, 52 kilometres from Darjeeling, and 75 kilometres from Gangtok. Siliguri and New Jalpaiguri train stations are the closest. Airport Bagdogra is the closest. From this airport, you can take shared cars, buses, and taxis.

Morgan House
Morgan House

Accommodation and tariff options at Morgan House in Kalimpong:

The WBTDCL website makes it easier than ever to reserve the Morgan House in the age of digital technology. Bookings are accepted 30 days in advance. The nightly accommodation rate with additional GST ranges from INR 1800 to INR 3500.

In the main building, rooms 101 and 104 are the most often used spaces. The most talked-about room was Room 101, which was the bedroom of Mr. and Mrs. Morgan. The room, which has two open sides and a view of the Kanchenjunga range, is the largest in the house. The nightly rate is INR 3500. The second-largest room, Room 104, has a balcony that is linked to a sizable bathroom. The nightly rate is INR 2800. Direct payment of GST is made at the reception.

Final Thought

Despite the absence of hard evidence to support the allegations, Morgan House is one of the most popular tourist destinations as a result of the rumours that it is haunted. This tourism location offers the highest golf club in India, an exciting night time ghost experience, a thrilling journey upwards, and a palace with colonial grandeur. From the bungalow’s rooms, the natural contrast is clearly seen. You’ll enjoy undulating hills, an open, fair atmosphere, mountains surrounded by greenery, sunrises, and sunsets.