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Ludo King Online Play


Ludo is an entertaining board game with friends or family members. While its success relies on luck and numbers, Ludo also involves mind games to outwit opponents. Discover the best info about Unblocked Games.

Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd of Mumbai developed this game. The game is free to play across several platforms and available as a digital download.


Ludo is an engaging game to enjoy with friends. This strategic board game requires skill and luck for victory; to win this round, quickly get all your tokens into the finish area as soon as possible and avoid placing pieces directly in front of another opponent’s works, as that could result in your defeat.

To move a token, roll the dice and select its destination space from a list. If it lands on an opponent’s piece, it will be sent back to its starting point; to gain extra chances for free rolls when landing on an arrow or colored space; turn off notifications and place your phone on silent to ensure maximum concentration during gameplay.


Ludo requires four coins from each team, which they advance by rolling the die and moving along the board. Every number from 1 to 6 moves them a certain distance forward; additionally, when crossing an opposing team’s coin or entering their home run (an enclosed rectangular space), these coins receive a speed boost to increase speed.

Ludo can be played online against players worldwide, in private games with friends, or offline against a computer. They can enable themes, exchange emojis, and chat with each other during gameplay – making the game even more fun and exciting while helping relieve mental tension and stress; just a couple of minutes spent playing a board game can alleviate daily mental strain!


Ludo King is a mobile-based board game that has generated positive user responses since its release. It’s easy to see why: its excellent UI/UX experience and multiplayer gaming modes play into its success.

Ludo can be played both online and offline with friends – whether local or global multiplayer. With simple rules anyone can understand, Ludo offers an ideal way to connect with family and friends.

This game resembles Trouble, Sorry, Aeroplane Chess, Chopat Chaupur, or Parcheesi as players race their tokens around a board with colored spaces to avoid snakes or ladders – knocked back if one comes into contact with one! A classic family game suitable for all ages!

In-app purchases

Ludo King is an iOS and Android board game app offering social connectivity, custom boards, competitive mode playback, and the opportunity to meet players from around the globe.

In-app purchases allow users to unlock additional game themes and other elements within the game for more immersive and thrilling gaming experiences. The app earned a 4.5-star user rating and generated $20 million in revenues by 2020.

This app is intuitively designed and available in multiple languages. It aims to engage family members of all generations while building community spirit. During the COVID-19 pandemic, its popularity surpassed other multiplayer games; since then, it has gained ground.

Overall rating

Ludo King is an accessible free-to-play game with many options, giving players plenty of freedom. Play alone against the computer, or compete against friends via local and online multiplayer modes. Ludo King also boasts an easy interface and straightforward rules that cater to players of all ages.

This deceptively straightforward dice game contains an unexpected depth and complexity in its play. By knowing when it is best to be patient or aggressive, you can emerge victorious!

Ludo King features an additional bonus game mode allowing you to enjoy classic Snakes and Ladders alongside Ludo. So recall your childhood and strengthen family ties while having fun – this addictively enjoyable pastime makes for excellent family game night fun!

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