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Wreckfest is a riotously infuriating banger-racer


Wreckfest is an exhilaratingly engaging banger-racer inspired by 32-bit classics Destruction Derby and Flatout. The chaotic rides feature convincing collision physics thanks to an unparalleled soft-body physics engine. Find the best Free Online Games.

Codemasters’ latest track racing game is it’s most accessible since Grid 1. With full race weekends, typically strong AI, and historical context, Codemasters’ track racing game offers complete immersion for racing fans of any experience.

F1 2022

F1 2022 from Codemasters’ Formula 1 sim series brings realistic visuals and gameplay features into a new era for Formula 1.

One significant change has been the rules reset that has cars using floor tunnels for downforce and less overheated tire models – creating more challenging but rewarding driving conditions.

Other new touches, such as immersive pit stops, let you witness your pit crew making mistakes (if you enable this). Furthermore, the physics have been altered to match changes to car design, making the games more responsive than before and offering more engine sound bundles to choose from.

Horizon Chase

Aquiris Horizon Chase Turbo Deluxe Edition is a tribute to fans of classic arcade racers like Lotus Turbo Challenge, Sega Out Run, and Gremlin Top Gear. Races feature high speeds with plenty of hairpin turns and nitro boosts for an exhilarating racing experience.

Though some annoying rubber banding is present, the controls are tight and responsive. A special nitro power-up can provide an extra speed boost while colliding with scenery, or other cars can either be comical or helpful, depending on your objectives.

The game features various modes that add replay value, including online leaderboards and ghost racing mode; however, most still task you with racing for first place, which may be surprising given their sources of inspiration.

Stuntfest – World Tour

THQ Nordic announced Stuntfest – World Tour during their Digital Showcase presentation today and invited players to experience it this weekend through Steam Playtesting. In addition, there will also be a Summer of Stunts playtest open exclusively to PC users.

This game combines racing, crashing, and destruction derby – with an added twist! When your car becomes disabled, you have catapulted from hundreds of meters into the air, allowing gravity-defying stunts and jumping around arenas.

Rumors had swirled that Bugbear Entertainment, the studio behind Wreckfest, was working on this new title; however, THQ Nordic recently confirmed that Austrian developer Pow Wow Entertainment is responsible, and it will launch this year for PC users.


Wreckfest is an old-school racing game centered on demolition derby and race events with plenty of ways to enjoy its chaos – single-player career mode and multiplayer play! Customization options keep gameplay fresh over time, while realistic physics doesn’t slow things down too much!

Collisions feel epic with metal bending and crunching in an incredibly satisfying manner, complimented by an excellent handling model and heavy vehicles that demand care when cornering, but have enough arcade characteristics that mistakes don’t feel punishing. But the game’s claim to fame lies with its vehicle destruction system – complete with soft-body damage modeling that’s impressively realistic.


Many players who migrated from MudRunner or Spintires might not find their niche here. Still, for fans of driving heavy trucks through remote landscapes in challenging weather, SnowRunner provides an extraordinary physics toybox – and now more smoothly than ever, thanks to a next-gen upgrade!

Discover an uncharted open world while expanding your fleet and accepting perilous contracts and missions. Conquer mud, torrential rain, and snow with one of the most advanced terrain simulation systems ever developed.

New features include immersive cockpit views that take you deeper into the gameplay, vehicle upgrades and add-ons that alter how you play – mud tires or differential locks can change how you play – and cargo types with different physics and gameplay effects that add weight to your truck.

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