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Modern Decor Ideas For Your Home


Modern decor is an elegant style of decorating that is pared back and uncluttered. It emphasizes functionality over fashion and uses neutral colours and organic, flowing curves. If you’re planning to decorate your home in this style, here are some tips to keep in mind. Incorporating natural texture into modern decor is a great way to add visual interest and warmth to the room.

Modern decor is sleek, uncluttered, and pared-back

This type of decor is based on a minimalist aesthetic and emphasizes the idea that less is more. In addition, it emphasizes a pared-back colour scheme. Those interested in this style may consider the Marie Kondo rule: “One in, one out.” The goal of this style is to keep items as minimal as possible. To achieve this, ask yourself what you truly need in your home. If you don’t need it, store it somewhere out of sight or remove it completely.

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It prioritizes functionality over fashion.

As the name suggests, modern decor prioritizes functionality over fashion and plays with organic shapes. This trend dates back to the post-World War II era when young architects started criticizing the stark minimalism of the period. Although this style fell out of favour, the legacy of modernism lives on in iconic buildings and contemporary architecture. The design principles of modern decor are clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and an emphasis on functionality.

It uses neutral colours.

When you think about modern decor, neutral colours come to mind. They are versatile and can be used for many different types styles. Neutral colours can come in various hues, shades, and tints. Gray, for example, has been a top neutral for a while. It goes well with many different themes and looks great with white.

Neutral colours make a room feel warmer and cozier. You can use chenille throws and soft blankets to add texture to a room with neutral tones. If you live in a smaller space, opt for less vibrant colours. Use faux fur blankets to add texture and warmth to a neutral space.

If you’re staging a home for sale, neutral tones are the way to go. These colours can be used on walls, floors, and furniture. You can even use neutral shades of paint or wallpaper on walls. The best part about using neutral colours is that they don’t have to be boring. You can incorporate a few accent colours into your design scheme to add colour to the rooms without overwhelming them.

Regarding neutral colours, think grey, pink, and blue. Grey is a saturated colour and can look harsh if overdone. On the other hand, white has a dreamy effect and works well with monochromatic spaces. White is best used in conjunction with other colours with similar undertones for a stronger effect. For example, light and medium grey accents on grey furniture and accessories will look great with a neutral white.

Natural handwoven materials will add depth to your neutral interior design. You can find many woven materials at Crate & Barrel. You can also add woven textures by using baskets. They look great under a coffee table, in corner storage areas, or at the foot of your bed. Baskets also work well as a storage solution for cushions and blankets.

It emphasizes flowing organic curves.

When decorating your home, you can choose pieces that emphasize the flowing organic curves of nature. This type of design can be paired with strong lines and materials. For example, you can use stone for a dining table to balance the look of wood legs. In Sydney, you can find a lot of furniture with these types of shapes.

The organic shape is usually irregular and free-form. You can find organic shapes in fruit, trees, clouds, and more in nature. Some of these shapes are associated with other objects, like the kidney and heart. In a modern setting, these shapes can convey a sense of formation while suggesting softness and flexibility.

Organic shapes also help soften the overall look of a minimalist room. They also help prevent a room from looking too cold or bare. You can incorporate these shapes into your furniture, such as tables, chairs, and lighting fixtures. Even window frames and doors can incorporate curved edges. Curved edges can also make traditional shapes more organic.

It incorporates plants

Modern decor incorporates plants, from wall decor to living room shelving. Mix and match pot sizes to create a unique look. Leaf Envy founder Beth Chapman advises that mixing and matching different sizes of plant pots is an excellent way to create a distinct look. She explains that plants can help you express your personality.