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Motorola slim mobile – Well Analysis of the Motorola L2 Cellular phone


Thin is in and the Motorola slim mobile cellular phone is about while thin as a mobile phone could quite possibly get. This stunning sleek and stylish cell phone has tons of characteristics built into its sleek layout. The internal antenna allows for obvious calls and the 128 times 160, 65K Color CSTN is impressive in the some. 4 x 1. being unfaithful x. 43 inches in proportions. The L2 weighs several. 03 ounces.

The General Packet Stereo Service (GPRS) guarantees fantastic connections when using the short messaging services (SMS) and multimedia-messaging services (MMS) and the Cordless Village Instant Messaging services. The system has a wireless application method of 2. 0 and offers mini usb connectivity.

In spite of their unobtrusive size, the Motorola slim mobile L2 handset is overflowing with cutting edge data features SyncML Device Management (Sync CUBIC CENTIMETERS DM) and J2ME to provide a wireless toolkit to help make and use applications along with programs for wireless along with mobile devices.

Perfect edition of Motorola slim mobile

Class 2 Bluetooth enabled wireless technology is facilitated in the system. Users can also enjoy convenient hands-free connections. Typically the cell phone also offers an online car loan calculator, currency converter and included speakerphone. Downloadable Java apps, images, and ring colors are enabled, making customization fun through abundant alternatives. MPEG4/H. 263 video play is built into the phone plus the unit boasts a 22 kHz polyphonic speaker.

The lean mobile L2 phone presents up to approximately 5. 6 hours of talk as well as up to approximately 14. some days of standby time. Typically the blade style is blade thin and its convenient application form makes it the ideal phone for everyone who loves compact items that genuinely pack a punch.

The perfect style of Motorola slim mobile


Using Bluetooth wireless technology, 10MB of memory, and the power to download and play films, the Motorola L2 is amongst the hottest multimedia communication equipment on the market. The ultra-slender design and striking gold color make this Motorola slim mobile an attention-grabbing piece of technology with incredible capabilities.