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My Sutter Health Online


My Sutter Health Online (mySHOL) is a secure web portal offering patients of participating Sutter Health hospitals and foundations access to their medical records at any time, 24/7.

Your profile photo serves to verify your identity in clinical environments. Any photographs which do not meet this standard will not be added to your clinical record.

Manage Your Care

My Sutter Health Online Patient Portal is an indispensable tool for patients and healthcare teams, providing convenient access to lab results, scheduling COVID-19 vaccine appointments, communicating with healthcare teams, and conducting video visits – among many other features.

My Sutter Health Online can help you organize an annual physical, find a new primary care doctor, and receive recommendations for screenings and tests that might be important based on age, gender, or risk factors.

My Sutter Health Online gives you access to your medical records online or on your mobile phone, upload photos of yourself and send questions directly to your physician or care team, pay bills, and request prescription refills–and more – all from any computer with internet connectivity. The website and mobile app of My Sutter Health Online are also accessible from anywhere with internet connectivity!

My Sutter Health Online Web Portal is secured with SSL encryption to protect you. Using private servers rather than public ones helps reduce any chance of data breach and is compatible with most major browsers and devices (including smartphones).

Sutter Health should protect adolescent confidentiality, so teens aged 12-17 can only view their records within my Sutter Health online. Even if a teen grants Proxy Access to their parents/guardians, those adults can only view clinical notes with prior permission from them and only with their cooperation and agreement.

Get a Flu Vaccine

As immunity declines over time and flu viruses become more aggressive each year, getting your annual flu shot is critical to protecting yourself against flu viruses that constantly evolve and change. A flu vaccine stimulates the body to produce antibodies against those specific flu viruses included in its shot – it is ideal to get this shot before flu season starts, but giving it later still offers equal protection and efficacy.

Everyone 6 months or older should receive an annual flu vaccination, particularly those more vulnerable than most to complications caused by influenza, including babies, young children, pregnant women, and adults with long-term health conditions like asthma or diabetes. Doing this helps avoid serious ramifications from influenza outbreaks.

Serious complications associated with influenza can be deadly. Vaccination has been shown to reduce the risk of flu by nearly 50 percent significantly; vaccination should also be considered by those caring for infants under six months of age, pregnant women, or adults living with chronic lung disease or diabetes who are at increased risk.

Many local health departments and districts hold vaccination clinics this fall; check your directory for locations. Many insurance plans cover the cost of vaccines. Furthermore, frequent handwashing with soap and water to limit germ spread and using alcohol-based hand sanitizers may help reduce transmission.

Teens may access their clinical notes through my Sutter Health Online (MHO), but clinicians cannot release test results of minors over 17 in California by law. If you are the parent or guardian of a teenager, please remember that only their proxy MHO account allows access to their medical records. Access to your records improves communication with the care team and health management; you can make appointments to meet with GPs, nurses, or PAs through MHO.

Communicate with Your Care Team

Your care team may contact you with important information, like lab test results or an appointment schedule, through phone calls, emails, or text messages. You can choose how to communicate with them by changing your communication preferences in My Health Online.

You may want to make notes or pose questions when speaking to clinicians. It is also a good idea to bring a list of all of your medications (prescription and over-the-counter) with dates taken and any adverse side effects experienced to each appointment, along with current symptoms, so that they can determine the most suitable course of treatment.

My Health Online allows you to communicate with your primary care provider and most online messaging clinicians (except for psychiatrists and travel medicine clinicians). In addition, you can reach out to any Sutter Medical Network clinician who has treated you within the last three years by sending them a message via My Health Online; additionally, you can request that Sutter review and release clinical notes and results as part of this service.

Proxy Access allows parents and guardians to view the clinical records of their children in My Health Online accounts, though to protect the privacy of teens, you won’t be able to view any notes or results that are private to them. You can ask your teen if they would share this information privately by messaging tool on My Health Online.

At Sutter Healthcare, our not-for-profit network works together to offer tailored healthcare experiences close to you – with convenient appointment times, online services, and personal relationships with doctors.

Sutter Medical Network is a non-profit care system with more than 5,000 physicians located across 120 communities, offering compassionate and expert care tailored to every one of your needs. From prevention and wellness programs to complex surgery and organ transplantation services, our hospitals, medical groups, and facilities have earned recognition for innovation and exceptional care delivery.

Schedule an Appointment

After every visit or discussion with a clinician, they will compose a note summarizing the most pertinent aspects of your conversation, including any symptoms you discussed, examination findings, test results, and any treatment plans discussed. You can access these notes through your Sutter Health online account called MHO and even view the results of tests (including blood work ) conducted within it.

My MHO allows you to communicate directly with your primary care provider and most clinicians participating in this program (excluding psychiatrists and travel medicine providers). Furthermore, you may contact any MHO profile visited within three years for personal chat sessions.

MHO can help you schedule non-urgent video visits with your primary care physician or clinician for non-urgent matters, often covering them under your health plan, depending on which Sutter affiliate and specialty.

MHO also allows you to share your records with providers at other healthcare systems belonging to Sutter’s network, using Lucy, enabling you to securely transmit elements of your general form, such as medications or allergies, with providers from different healthcare organizations. Data sent this way is encrypted and only accessed by authorized users, such as your primary care provider or those you select when sharing data.

Sutter Imaging Centers offer cutting-edge diagnostic services across Northern California. From simple chest X-rays to full body scans, our network of physicians provides unparalleled expertise and superior diagnostic services.

Sutter Health Plus members have access to Sanvello, an innovative and clinically proven mental wellness tool developed specifically to reduce stress and anxiety anytime, anywhere – at no additional cost to themselves. Click here for more details!