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Nicco Park Share Price


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Nicco Parks & Resorts Limited operates leisure parks. The Company provides park operations, technical consultancy, contract & sale of ride components, F&B service, and other recreational facilities.

Investing in Amusement Parks

Starting a theme park can be exciting and daunting, requiring an extensive business plan with revenue streams, financial projections, and expansion strategies to secure funding from lenders or investors. Furthermore, finding potential investors who share your vision and values is essential.

Amusement Parks Industries encompass companies that operate mechanical rides, water rides, games, shows, exhibits, and refreshment stands. The industry is highly competitive; the top five players account for more than 70% of revenue generation from industry operations. Visitor numbers and consumer spending determine industry revenue; the COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant reduction in consumer spending at amusement parks during 2020 due to reduced access. Furthermore, high entry barriers prevent new parks from entering this highly lucrative industry.

Amusement parks remain a family favorite despite industry challenges, with revenue expected to increase over the next five years due to investment in new rides and attractions as companies invest in family-oriented rides for both millennials and baby boomers who seek family entertainment attractions.

Amusement parks are increasing investments in personalized technology to enhance customer experiences, such as virtual reality and wearable devices that provide visitors with tailored offers and experiences. This trend will continue as parks seek ways to differentiate themselves from competitors.

The amusement parks industry is highly concentrated, with four companies accounting for 75% of industry revenues. The three leading players are Walt Disney Co., NBCUniversal Media Llc, and Seaworld Entertainment Inc.. Furthermore, this sector is highly regulated, with stringent safety and hygiene standards and high capital requirements to develop new amusement parks, making it hard for smaller firms to compete against larger rivals.

Nicco Parks & Resorts Limited

Nicco Parks & Resorts Limited provides themed entertainment. The Company operates Nicco Park amusement park in Kolkata, providing thrill rides and shows. Food and beverage services are also offered, while recreational activities such as bowling alleys, pool tables, air hockey tables, and derby games provide fun-filled fun to their visitors. Merchandising services and consultancy operations complete Nicco’s portfolio of operations that has served customers worldwide since its foundation in India in 1989.

The Company was established to offer both enjoyable and educative recreation. The park uses solar energy for its rides, educating visitors about alternative power sources while showing how they are utilized in everyday life. Families, groups of friends, and tourists planning an enjoyable and fulfilling getaway in Kolkata all visit this park regularly – and its Price to Earnings Ratio of 24.9 is far lower than its sector PE ratio of 63! Its Interest Coverage Ratio is 107.1, showing it can cover its interest payments with earnings.

Nicco Parks & Resorts Ltd

Nicco Parks & Resorts Ltd operates theme-based amusement parks. Its segments include Park Operations, Consultancy Services, Contracts, and Sale of Ride Components, F & B, and Other Recreational Facilities. Nicco offers roller coasters, water rides, and various family attractions; its technical consulting services also come into play here. Nicco is based out of Kolkata, India.

The park was designed to offer educational and recreational activities for the whole family and features displays that explain the scientific principles behind various rides. Of its natural attractions are cable cars and the Eiffel Tower, which offer panoramic views from above the park; cable cars provide scenic rides through it, all while its rose garden boasts a forty-foot waterfall. Since opening, expansion has occurred several times, including constructing Wet-O-Wild Water Park inside its central amusement park.

Nicco Parks & Resorts’ stock boasts a PE ratio 24.9, below its sector average of 63. Its dividend payout ratio stands at 46%, indicating a healthy return for shareholders, and its debt-to-equity ratio stands at zero, as it relies solely on internal funds for operations. Furthermore, its interest coverage ratio 107.1 indicates that it can comfortably pay its interest expenses with earnings alone.

Wonderla Holidays

Wonderla Holidays is an amusement park company operating three parks in Kochi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Additionally, resorts and other facilities are provided. In its gardens, there are water rides as well as other attractions.

The company is highly dedicated to sustainability, winning numerous awards for it. Additionally, they place great importance on customer service and employee wellbeing, boasting an outstanding retention rate and expanding into new markets – recently opening one of India’s largest parks and starting construction.

Wonderla Holidays’ revenue has seen an almost 25% growth over the last year, while EBITDA and PAT both saw significant improvements. The reason behind its success? Substantial footfall numbers at new parks opened by Wonderla and investments into new rides or expansion of existing ones.

Investors seeking to understand a company’s financial health must evaluate its profit and loss account, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. These statements help investors assess performance while projecting future directions – but they can be tedious to read due to all their details. Thankfully, some tools make the reading experience more straightforward and faster.

These tools, such as ratio analysis and trend analysis, can assist investors in making smarter investment decisions about a company by giving an in-depth view of a firm’s finances and providing critical insight into growth potential.

Wonderla Holidays boasts a debt-to-equity ratio of only 0.0003, indicating it uses its equity to finance operations. It has a low inventory turnover ratio, suggesting its products are selling quickly.

Wonderla Holidays boasts an excellent culture score on Comparably. This rating is determined by employee reviews at the company; employees gave them high scores in areas like CEO Ratings, Product and services, and Overall Culture Score; however, they ranked lower regarding Employee Benefits.