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Nicco Park – A Wonderland of Rides and Attractions


Nicco Park offers an unforgettable adventure experience, from thrilling thrill rides to family carousels – you will find something here that meets all your entertainment needs.

The Park offers numerous special events during festivals, holidays, and recreational activities like a bowling alley and the Wet-o-Wild water park.

Roller Coaster

Nicco Park in Kolkata will not disappoint roller coaster enthusiasts. This massive park provides rides and attractions suitable for children and adults – including an enormous roller coaster and dark caves that unlock deep sea secrets! There is even a bowling alley and a replica of the Eiffel Tower! For summer visitors, the Wet-O-Wild water park features several water slides and a wave pool!

Reaching Salt Lake Bypass Road Park can be quickly done via car or taxi; its location provides easy access to the city center. Alternatively, take the metro to Salt Lake Stadium station; Salt Lake Bypass Road Park is approximately two kilometers away. During monsoon season, some water rides may not operate smoothly, so visiting in winter might be wiser.

This park provides rides that will suit every age group, such as a cyclone roller coaster, a river cave ride that winds through an underground maze full of volcanoes and dinosaurs, a bull ride, and toy train rides for strolls around the park. There’s even a cable car with bird’s-eye views!

For optimal enjoyment, it is wise to visit during non-monsoon months, such as September-November if possible, and book tickets in advance as they tend to sell out quickly.

The park’s most popular rides are the pirate ship that swings like a pendulum and Cyclone – India’s largest roller coaster ride – while other passages such as water merry-go-round, Caterpillar Twist-&-Turn, and Family Swirl are also quite popular. Additional food options in the park include Beach Cafe and the more upscale Bowlers’ Den restaurant that serves a range of Chinese, Indian, and Tandoori dishes.

Family Carousel

Nicco Park is an entertaining theme park offering rides for every taste imaginable, including heart-pounding roller coasters like Cyclone Roller Coaster or relaxing rides like Dark River Cave exploration. There’s even a water park to beat the summer heat while enjoying delicious food from street carts to fine dining establishments!

At this park, there is also a Children’s Corner with a merry-go-round and aquatic theme park known as Wet-o-Wild for young visitors, as well as several exciting rides for adults such as Wave Runner and Mat Racer, offering thrilling ride experiences; thrill-seekers may also want to check out the bull ride or moonraker for an unforgettable adventure!

Those traveling in groups should plan by purchasing tickets in advance, as the park can quickly become overcrowded. Consider choosing a package or day pass option to save money and time.

There is something fun for all ages at the park, including River Caves and an ex-MIG-21 Fighter Jet that will surely leave an unforgettable memory behind. Make plans today to experience it and have a fantastic time at this incredible facility!

Nicco Park in Kolkata’s Salt Lake Sector Five lies along the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass and is easily reached via public transit, making it a convenient stopover for travelers of all ages. Visitors looking to maximize their visit have various passes available to optimize the experience, with primary keys costing approximately 300 INR per person and providing entry fees and 13 rides and attractions. Experience an even deeper immersion by purchasing one of the deluxe or premium passes, which include a guidebook and additional benefits. In addition, restaurants such as Beach Cafe Restaurant and Bowlers’ Den serve Indian, Chinese, and Tandoori food and alcoholic beverages. In addition, the Park also hosts events and shows throughout the year.

River Cave

Nicco Park Kolkata has long been considered the Disneyland of West Bengal, boasting an incredible variety of rides found nowhere else in India. Plus, most rides here are included with your entry fee – although you must buy tickets for some rides separately.

River Cave is one of the amusement park’s most celebrated rides, known for being one of the scariest rides in India and offering dark sections that feature dinosaurs and volcanic eruptions – definitely something any daredevils should experience! This ride should not be missed!

Nicco Park offers many popular attractions, including a miniature version of the Darjeeling Toy Train called Toy Train. It can seat up to 20 people at once and takes around seven seconds to circle its circuit. Another thrilling two-seater Water Coaster ride can reach speeds up to 80 kilometers per hour for even more excitement!

The park provides an array of entertainment and recreational activities that all can enjoy. A Snow Globe gives those who have never played with snow an unforgettable experience; replicas of the Eiffel Tower and fighter planes from the Indian Air Force can also be found there, like MIG 21 fighter planes.

After all that fun and games, your appetite may start to whet, so the park offers an incredible Food Park that serves North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, and Fast Food dishes. Also, Nicco Super Bowl bowling alley and beach vibe restaurant that offer pocket-friendly vegetarian dining are available here.

Body Slide

Nicco Park in Kolkata provides fun-filled attractions for all ages at any age. Kids and adults alike will enjoy splashing about in its water slides or dipping in its wave pool; its rain dance will entertain everyone, too!

Body Slide, one of the park’s most beloved attractions, offers thrill-seekers an exhilarating ride as they plunge into a pool of water with twisting turns. Designed to give riders an exciting splash and adrenaline rush, it offers something extra thrilling – making this ride ideal for adventure seekers looking for additional excitement. Holding up to two people at once, it is crucial that before jumping aboard, you read and adhere to all safety instructions carefully to have an enjoyable ride experience.

The Body Slide is a favorite among young children, and it’s easy to see why. Set against a lush green garden backdrop, the ride provides hours of water fun! Brightly painted animals and slides add extra appeal, while fountains spraying water at visitors make this attraction truly irresistible – Visitors of all ages should make time for this fantastic attraction – though we recommend wearing life jackets when riding!

Contrary to warning signs, a group of youngsters swarmed a ride and jumped onto it without restraint, causing it to collapse and suffer fractures before landing on grass instead of concrete pathways below. Although riders were quickly rescued, this could have ended much differently.

The ride is popular among children and parents alike, while there is plenty more to do at the park (cyclone rides, toy trains). It is an ideal spot for spending a relaxing and enjoyable weekend afternoon with your loved ones; something new awaits.

The park may be slightly outside the city center, but it’s easily reachable via taxi or government-run buses. Auto rickshaws can also travel via Maniktala Main Road from nearby city centers.