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One particular Night In Bangkok – Recommendations For Women Travelers


Bangkok, or the City of Angels, is a beautiful stopover destination for many thousands connected with air travelers annually. It can be famed for its historical temples or wats and its male-oriented nightlife, as the song from Chess, the musical, implies. But some of us wonder what the options are for women travelers if they find themselves with a day and a night to spare in this vibrant city.

A lot will depend on whether this is your first go-to or your first effort in Asia. If so, then you have to get a natural flavor of the metropolis by visiting some if it is famed temples, historical scenery, and shopping opportunities.

If the time is limited to a 24-48 hour stopover, the best way to try this is by taking two one-half-day tours – any morning tour of the Awesome Palace with its famed Bright green Buddha and an afternoon ship trip down the Chao Phraya River on a standard rice barge. Many related tours are available, and they can be arranged either from your hotel or a plethora of tour providers scattered along the main roads. These tours usually final around 4 hours, providing you with time to rest before dealing with more of Bangkok’s exciting excitement (and shops. )

The actual Grand Palace and the Emerald green Buddha

The Grand Structure, the former home of the Thai Royal family, continues to be portrayed in many a Showmanship movie and is breathtakingly gorgeous, with its Golden Cheidi, Pantheon of the Chakri Kings, and Eight Colored Towers. Within the palace grounds is the Wat Phra Kaew temple, which houses the much-adored Emerald Buddha, considered to be the actual protector of the kingdom, which is the holiest Buddhist website in the country.

Make sure you have your camera with you and your outfit respectfully. You can be refused entry if you wear slip-on new sandals, shorts, or sleeveless surfaces, as the Grand Palace has a strict dress code plan. Should you be refused entry after that, go across the road towards the many tourist shops, and they’ll rent out shoes, etc.; you might as well buy cheap clothing to pay for any offending components! The same applies to men; no new sandals, vests, or shorts.

For those who have time, walk around the corner to Wat Po, Bangkok’s oldest temple with its massive reclining Buddha – an excellent photo opportunity. It is also the house of the famed Thai therapeutic massage school, where on a lengthier stay, you can take their training course in Thai massage; the Wat Po massage certification is one of the most widely respected on the planet.

A Rice Barge within the Chao Phraya River

A little while boat trip, setting off through the River City complex about the banks of the Chao Phraya gives you a great chance to view some of Bangkok’s historical typical monuments in the shortest space of time, even though giving you an authentic slice involving Bangkok life, weaving in the middle the many houses along the city’s long (waterways) and completing some of the fantastic temples such as magical Wat Arun rapid Temple of Dawn, by far the most photographed temple in Bangkok. The tour will take you upwards river by long trail boat and you will return about the more sedate rice burst, where you will get the chance to example some of Thailand’s delicious hot cuisine. Be warned; the extended tail boats can go with quite a pace, especially if your pilot is intent on racing other boats upward river!

Shop Til Oughout Drop

Following our night stopover theme, this after leaves you plenty of time at night to explore Bangkok’s many places and markets. Shopping within the city can continue till late into the night, with most shopping malls closing at about 9 pm, but smaller shops and markets will remain open longer, especially in tourist places.

Depending on your taste, a trip to the tourist evening market in Patpong is an experience. You might have to run the gauntlet of touts typically to entice you into many girlie bars in this area. Nevertheless, this can be fun if you are a very first-time visitor to Bangkok since you get the chance to experience its more infamous side. For the quieter, more sedate, VERY IMPORTANT PERSONEL night market try the Suan Lam Night Bazaar, near Lumpini Park. In addition, there are many eateries here. If you are lucky, you can take in most live music.

The Siam Paragon and Central World Store Shopping Complex are some of the best shopping malls. Or, if you prefer a far more upmarket choice, Gaysorn Plaza and The Emporium have reached the exclusive end, using their world-famous fashion house stores. Typically the Siam Paragon also residences a vast aquarium, which is also worth a visit. If it’s a Thai silk-filled duvet you are after, then check out one of the exclusive Jim Thompson Stores or the popular Thai chain called Naraya Phone, which is famous for Thai handicrafts.

If you are fortunate enough to have travel coincide with a weekend, then your Chatuchak weekend market through Mo Chit Skytrain train station is a “must see.” Along with over 15, 000 shops, this market is thought to be the biggest in the world. Prices are less expensive here than in the shopping malls, which market sells everything you can imagine, from a simple cotton Tee shirt and jersey to exotic pets as well as plants.

Restaurants and Pubs

After your shopping journey, you may want to small sample some of the many restaurants and bars. Food is everywhere in Bangkok, all hours of the day and night – eating appears to be the Thai national activity. Some good eateries can be found around the shopping mall areas of Siam Sq. (Siam Paragon), Sukhumvit (The Emporium) and Chidlom (Central World), so pick your neighborhood and then study. Famous bars and nightclubs with a more distinctive feel include Sukhumvit’s Sleep Supper Club, with, becasue it is the name suggests, beds hanging from the walls.

This unique custom-made lounge has an all-bright interior and plays funk and techno music. Typically the Q Bar, also throughout Sukhumvit, is themed by a couple of New York-style clubs and plays the latest sounds in the west. Instead, you may be enthusiastic about sampling some Thai traditions with a formal Dinner along with a traditional Thai dance display; this can be booked through a company.

Extra Time

If you have more time to spare, a visit to John Thompson’s House near the Nationwide Stadium Skytrain stop is a great way to experience some conventional Thai architecture and learn much more about the father of the Thai cotton industry and his mysterious disappearance in the Malaysian jungle within 1967. There is a lovely silent café where you can sit and enjoy the garden. Then obviously, there are the myriad Thai spas – take in the Thai massage before your flight and treat yourself with some herbal splendor treatments, all at a small percentage of the cost of back home.

Bangkok is a vibrant, cosmopolitan area rich in history. While any stopover is nowhere near the required time to take in all its wats, cultural sites, and store shopping opportunities, some of these suggestions will give you a taster for your return getaway next time!

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