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OVO-TECH Industrial Egg Crackers


Discussion among early halachic authorities regarding whether liquid eggs are kosher has long been an issue, with Minchas Yitzchak concluding that one should only consume them if they have been clearly certified as such. Find out the best info about egg cracker.

This heavy-duty industrial egg cracker machine streamlines egg processing. It quickly cracks eggs and transports their fresh egg liquid directly to a predetermined container while crushing shells efficiently, significantly decreasing their volume.


OVO-TECH was established in Starachowice, Poland, in 2003. It designs and sells commercial egg-cracking machines to bakeries and provides products designed to increase kitchen productivity.

Ovo-Tech’s UDTJ-10 Semi-Automatic Egg Cracker combines practical design with sustainable practices. All parts that come into direct contact with eggs are constructed from stainless steel for hygiene and durability. Furthermore, its maintenance is simple, with an easy screen panel enabling access to all features – it can handle up to 10,000 eggs an hour!

OVO-TECH devices are custom-built and tailored specifically to each customer’s needs, and they can be purchased or leased with an annual maintenance contract. This technology reduces labor requirements for injecting eggs, thus cutting costs while simultaneously improving egg quality and helping prevent disease.

The company’s dedication to diversity can be seen through its hiring practices: using diverse recruitment agencies and emphasizing inclusive hiring training in order to eliminate bias. Furthermore, they aim to bring more junior talent into tech through initiatives like Code First Girls and Tech Academy so as to continue creating leaders of tomorrow in their industry.


This semi-automatic egg cracker is perfect for bakeries, confectioneries, restaurant chains, and large industrial facilities. It includes a housing, drive unit, tank hopper, and two sieves (internal and external). Ball bearings ensure the stable operation of this machine that reduces shell volume by 70% while retrieving 98% of egg mass that remains behind in broken shells – saving costs while decreasing waste production; its unique construction is also eco-friendly.

Eggs loaded into the hopper are then broken using an advanced rotating filter with a mesh size of 0.8 mm (0.031 in.), producing clean egg liquid and crushing and automatically ejecting shells from the machine. All parts made of stainless steel EN 1.4301 (AISI 304) provide optimal hygiene and durability in operation.


The UDTJ-150 egg cracker is an automatic egg-cracking machine designed to separate egg contents from their shells quickly and efficiently while requiring minimal maintenance. With one shift work cycle (8 hours), this model can produce up to 900,000 eggs/month and reduce shell volume by 80% while still retrieving 98% of egg mass remaining after breaking shells. Furthermore, its centrifuge is electronically balanced, while all parts in contact with eggs (i.e., parts that come into direct contact) are made of stainless steel EN 1.4301 (AISI 304) for ultimate reliability when dealing with eggs!

This industrial egg cracker uses a special filter to separate yolks from whites while mixing them, then transports the resulting clean egg liquid directly to an attached container. Any remaining eggshells are expelled via an additional outlet on its hopper.

This egg centrifuge was built for hard-working conditions and features a drive unit, hopper, tank, snail conveyor, sieve, and motor housing. Ideal for various food applications and capable of breaking 120,000 eggs an hour!


The UDTJ-500 egg cracker is an automatic heavy-duty centrifugal egg cracker designed to streamline egg processing in various food production environments. Once loaded with eggs, this machine automatically cracks their shells and separates liquid, sending clean egg product directly into a designated container while simultaneously crushing eggshells to reduce their volume and waste significantly. With an efficient design capable of extracting up to 98% of liquid from powdered eggs, reducing waste while cutting costs significantly, this machine has proven its worth in medium-sized bakeries, restaurants, confectioneries, donut shops, and pasta makers as it enhances both productivity and sustainability simultaneously.

After loading its hopper, this heavy-duty machine instantly cracks eggs and separates liquid eggs from eggshells using an advanced rotating filter with a mesh size of 0.8 mm (0.031 in). Clean egg liquid is then transferred into an appropriate container while crushed eggshells are automatically collected by the equipment – ideal for large bakeries, confectioneries, restaurant chains, and egg processing companies that demand high-quality liquid eggs with minimal waste.

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