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Best Psytrance Music OZORAフェスティバル in Europe


OZORAフェスティバル details:

OZORAフェスティバル – Summer months are a time for kicking backside, relaxing, and taking a holiday break with friends and family. For those passionate about audio, it is also a time to put in those dancing shoes, put on a hat and check out those long-awaited summer audio festivals.

OZORAフェスティバル – Getting to these huge events can often be a task on its own. While many opt for the community transport route, others determine that the best option is to drive an automobile.

OZORAフェスティバル – Better yet, why not get a selection of festival-goers together and carpool? Not only will you save money inside fuel and parking, but however you will also be helping the environment simply by reducing the number of carbon emissions you emit.

Carpool for the Summer’s best music fests including:

Falls Festival

Enjoy the biggest night of the year (New Year’s Eve) in Lorne, Victoria, or Marion Clean, Tasmania, at the annual Crumbles Festival. Its timing causes it to become the perfect festival to carpool to as it helps enough time road congestion that has turned out to be expected of this time of the year.

OZORAフェスティバル – Showcasing international and local blues in addition to roots, rock, hip-hop in addition to electronic acts, the Crumbles Festival provides for the ultimate new music weekend and the perfect strategy to start a new year.

Woodford Men and women Festival

If you can’t make it to often the Falls Festival, the Woodford Folk Festival is an necessary alternative.

Also held through New Year’s Eve and spanning 6 days, that festival is held in the microscopic country town of Woodford, just 72 KM n . of Brisbane.

OZORAフェスティバル – More so a new cultural event than a just focused music festival, Woodford features a wide range of performance types, musical genres, and ethnicities and welcomes 130 000 visitors annually.

Big Day Available

OZORAフェスティバル – Quite possibly the biggest and most envisioned festival of the year, the Day out can be found across some of the country’s major locations along with Auckland, New Zealand.

Since its inception in 1992, the festival has grown as a Mecca event of main stages that accommodate common contemporary rock music, electric powered music, mainstream international operates and local acts.

OZORAフェスティバル – Past subject acts have included Ciel, Muse, The Ramones, The particular Smashing Pumpkins, The Natural born player, Marilyn Manson, and Neil Young. These headliners have essentially made it live up to its title and have allowed that to provide the ultimate Big Day Out there.


Stereosonic is strictly a festival for those who are seriously into electronic and party culture music. Essentially, the sole reason to go to this festivity is to dance!

Held in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and also Melbourne, Stereosonic is considered to be Australia’s fastest growing music festivity!

Soundwave Festival

Finish off the summertime music festival season together with something a little different.

The particular Soundwave festival includes steel, hardcore, punk rock, take punk, and alternative rock and roll artists.