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Real Money Sic Bo Online Guidelines


Sic Bo is often the type of gambling that people are least familiar with out of all the styles we’ve covered in our guides to casino games. The game’s name in Chinese means “precious dice,” and it is played on a unique table with three dice. Although the majority of casinos in Las Vegas feature one Sic Bo table, it is most frequently seen in casinos in Macau and Atlantic City.

This venerable game of chance in is now accessible to gamblers online, making this hitherto localized form of gambling accessible practically everywhere. But before you play, you must identify trustworthy, safe online gambling sites. The casinos listed on our list of suggestions below have shown to be the finest places to play Sic Bo for real money online.

How does Sic Bo work?

Sic Bo is a quick-moving game that frequently resembles a cross between roulette and craps. We’re here to dispel the myth that the dice game is far more complex than it is based just on the appearance of the board. On the contrary, it’s one of the simpler table games you’ll likely encounter.

The player places their chips on the appropriate square and picks one of the bets specified on the board. They are free to wager on as many distinct circumstances as they like. The dealer will shake a tiny chest with dice raised above the table. The three dice will fall onto the table when the trunk is finally opened.

The online version won’t have a dealer or a real chest. A random number generator instead determines the value of each of the three dice. The game is unchanged save for this minor adjustment.

Which bets win and which loses will depend on the numbers drawn. No placing of bets remains on the table between rolls; all decisions are made after each round of play.

There are also no simple methods to apply because every roll is entirely random. Sic Bo is an entirely arbitrary game. There are strategies that some gamblers prefer to use to play it safe and stay in the game longer, but it’s not like blackjack, where you may increase your chances of winning by adhering to specific rules.

In the following section, we’ll examine the available wagering options, their chances, and the typical payoff amounts for each wager.

Types of Sic Bo Bets

A gambler can place bets in various ways on the results of the three dice. Some wagers need a single occurrence of a number, while others call for all three dice to land on a particular value. Players that play Sic Bo for real money online can place the following bets. Recognize that the payout ratios at various casinos vary, which has an impact on the house edge. For the sake of this essay, we’ll be utilizing the typical UK odds.

Big Bet

The “large” stake is one of the wagers with the highest likelihood on any Sic Bo table, whether in a physical casino or online. This bet assumes that the three dice will add up to a total score between 11 and 17.

There is a 48.61% chance that the sum matches one of these seven digits. One-to-one payouts, or even money, are what a winning “large” wager receives. The house has a 2.78% advantage.

Small Bet

With the “little” wager, you receive a range of seven numbers, just like with the “large” stake. However, this time, you bet that the sum of the dice will fall between 4 and 10.

Again, there is a 48.61% chance that the total of the dice will fall inside this range. The little wager has a house advantage of 2.78% and pays out at even money.

Three-Dice Total

A way to wager on three-dice totals is to bet on them, adding up to a particular score. These bets are more difficult to win but provide substantially higher payouts because you aren’t receiving the whole range. The odds, payouts, and house edge for each value are listed below.

Combinations of dice

Two-dice combinations are another option for gambling. Just below the region for three dice totals, which runs horizontally across the middle of the board, are the bets that are represented by images of two dice per square. You must roll two of the three dice in the same combination to win.

Alls or Triples

A unique triple or “alls” bet can be right for you if you’re lucky. However, all three dice must land on the same number for you to win them. The payoff is a staggering 180 to 1 if you gamble on a “alls” occurring for a specific number, either 1 through 6. However, the likelihood of such a result is only 0.46%, giving the house a 16.2% edge.

Real Money Legality Sic Bo Online

You might be wondering if it’s acceptable for you to play the most excellent Sic Bo game for real money online. Unfortunately, the legality of internet gambling varies considerably from nation to nation and can occasionally be very unclear. We’ve put up a website that details which gaming options are accessible in specific areas, along with the regulatory authorities in charge of the various countries, to assist in clearing any confusion.

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