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Realme 6 pro gaming review : If you are a gamer then this one is for you!

Realme 6 pro gaming review


Are you a Realme fan? Then this Realme 6 pro gaming review will surely help you to gather some beneficial knowledge about Realme 6 pro and its gaming side very well. Gamers are always looking for something new and the best experiences and the Realme 6 pro is one of the best devices that can satisfy you very effectively. And when you get some updated features for gaming within a smartphone then you do not need anything else! Right? So, if you are planning to buy Realme 6 pro and love to play games on your phone then you are in the right place. Just keep reading before finalizing your decision.

Full gaming review with additional features

In this article, you will get mostly reviews on gaming performance but you will also come to know about some other features as well. As you may know that Realme launched some new devices and accessories on 5th March and the Realme 6 pro is one of them. Those who love playing games on the phone will surely love this model very well. The smooth display and strong battery use experience will make you very happy and satisfied. So, let’s find out some gaming reviews now. I just love this model very much and for reviewing, I selected some games and notice the performance of Realme 6 pro.


Let’s start with one of the most popular games which are PUBG. This is a graphics-intensive game and it also requires high concentration as well. And if you selected gameplay on the highest setting with high-quality rates then this Realme 6 pro will surely provide you with the best services.  Suppose you are playing PUBG for 90 minutes and then you will see that your battery drops to 40% and the temperature rises from 24°c to 34°c.

Realme 6 Pro Gaming Review
Realme 6 Pro Gaming Review

Call of duty mobile: COD

It is time to check out another game and Call of duty mobile is another popular game that is played by many people. Here also, you need to set high graphics settings on the Realme 6 Pro, and as per my experience, the gameplay was smooth. If you play this game for 60 minutes then your battery will drop to 34%.

Asphalt 9:

The next popular game is Asphalt 9 and you may want to play this game on Realme 6 pro, so let’s start to find out the performance now. As expected the game automatically sets the graphic quality and I must say that on Realme 6 pro, it looks very decent. My experience was very satisfactory. If you want to play for 60 minutes then your battery will drop to 52%.

All-over gaming experience:

If you want to know the all-over gaming experience on Realme 6 pro then it was great and there were no such issues that can hamper your gaming experience at all. And the best thing is, the display quality is just outstanding and perfect for high graphic games.

Camera quality:

Inside the camera, you will get some updated features that all are very interesting. And if you are interested to know about camera quality then you will surely fail in love with the Realme 6 Pro camera quality. Because the smoothness and clarity will satisfy you very positively.

Realme 6 Pro Gaming Review
Realme 6 Pro Gaming Review

Battery life:

I am a gamer and as per my experience, the battery life is also very satisfactory as well. Your phone battery will surely last for 2 days after each charge. You just need to be careful about your phone battery very well. Always try to charge your phone if it shows less than 40% and never overcharge it as well. This can help you to protect your battery very effectively.

Besides this, speaker quality is also very good, and overall looks are also nice.

Final thought

You may have so many questions in your mind about this Realme model, so you can surely visit the official website of Realme and find out some information there. But if your priority is the game then do not think twice because this one is only for you. And you will also get some other features which are also very rich in quality as well. So, it will be surely a decent choice for you.