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Shang-Chi review: Experience the Best Of Kung Fu In the MCU



Marvel! Yes, that is the text. No one makes a better movie than Marvel and movie fans have been ecstatic about the introduction of new heroes. We have decided to release a Shang-Chi review to get a peek into what the Marvel Cinematic Universe has planned for the Marvel series. If you are a fan of Kung Fu and a fan of Marvel then this movie is perfect for you.

Whoever thought that we would get a Kung Fu movie from Marvel? Well, we did not just get a Kung Fu movie; we got a Kung Fu hero that looks like he will be getting many spin-offs in the future. All you have to do is enjoy it.

Shang-Chi review

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Shang-Chi review

Shang Chi is not your normal 100 million dollar Marvel movie. The budget for the Shang Chi Movie was lean. Did come out well? Well, we are glad to say it did and we would not have wanted it any better. The fact that the movie has also been a hit on the box office makes it even more realistic to expect a sequel shortly. Before we talk about a sequel, let us look at how good the Shang Chi movies are in this Shang-Chi review.

Shang-Chi review

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Shang-Chi review: Cast

Marvel makes superstars and the superstars they get to star I their movies become megastars quite instantly. The casting team also did an amazing job on this one. The cast is a mix of both budding and established stars. Sam Liu plays the main character and boy, did he put in a shift. The plot twists and the turns in Sam Liu’s character require an acting genius to undertake and we are glad to say Sam is a genius. Sam Liu gave a great performance. Tony Leung and Awkwafina are also some of the actors that gave outstanding performances in the movie.

Shang-Chi review

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Shang-Chi review: Plot

The plot, yes. This is one of the best things about the movie. Remember how nearly all the movies that came out in the past decades were interconnected Most people hated that. The good news though is that if you have not watched anything Marvel, you can still enjoy Shang Chi. Shang Chi is a standalone movie that needs no reference to previous Marvel films. This is exactly what Marvel fans have been crying for.

Shang Chi is based on Shaun who is based in Snap Francisco paring cars and enjoying karaoke. One thing though that most people do not about Shaun is that he is an assassin trained with very deadly Kung Fu skills. The hidden assassin persona is even hidden to Shaun’s best friend Katy.

Shang Chi is then compelled to go and save a village in distant China that is on the verge of being invaded. Form there onwards it becomes action overload. The villain, Wenwu who is played by Tony Leung performs exceptionally well.

Shang-Chi review: Action

In terms of the action, you know that it was going to be important that we mention the cohesion of the action in this Shang-Chi review. The fight scenes from the first one where Shang Chi was bum-rushed in a bus are all over epic and are great. There are very few glitches and the CG background does not overshadow most of the scenes. When we saw, Brad Allan a Jackie Chan collaborator on the credits list, we knew that we were going to get the best in terms of action and we were right.

If you are looking for an action movie that also has a deep and exciting plot then Shang Chi is the movie for you, trust this Shang-Chi review.


Is Shang Chi a Marvel movie?

Yes, Shang Chi part of the MCU

Are there Avengers in the Shang Chi movie?

The Avengers do not make an appearance in the Shang Chi movie

Is this the first Shang Chi Movie?

This is the first Shang Chi Movie

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