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The Best Family Lawyers in Virginia Beach


Family law encompasses various legal issues, such as divorce, adoption, child custody, and support. Because these laws can differ from state to state, you must find an attorney with expertise in family law in your jurisdiction.

Family lawyers in Virginia Beach are highly-regarded and possess extensive experience. They adhere to a professional code of ethics while striving for maximum client value.

Child Custody Lawyers

Virginia Beach child custody lawyers, understand the emotional toll divorce can take. They will remain objective and work to guarantee you receive what the law deems fair in a court of law.

Custody laws differ depending on the number of children involved, their age group, and other factors. Generally speaking, courts will award custody to the parent with the closest relationship with a child.

The court will also consider a child’s physical and mental well-being when deciding who best provides support, offers them a healthy environment to grow in, and assists with schoolwork.

In addition to these factors, the courts consider how well parents communicate with their children. They will look into past abuse or substance abuse issues that might affect a parent’s capacity to care for their child correctly.

Divorce Lawyers

When divorcing, hiring a lawyer who can represent your best interests and guarantee that all rights are upheld throughout the process is essential. A divorce lawyer will reduce stress levels, negotiate an equitable settlement and guard against making costly errors that will last throughout life.

Divorce lawyers are qualified to handle various family law matters, such as child custody, alimony, and property division.

They will also represent you in court, guaranteeing your rights are upheld, and a fair outcome is reached.

If you’re searching for a Virginia Beach divorce lawyer, take your time and find one who makes you feel comfortable. To do this, compare their qualifications, experience, and certifications, and ask them for references from past clients.

Child Support Lawyers

Experienced family lawyers in Virginia Beach can make all the difference in your divorce or custody case. These knowledgeable attorneys will do everything possible to ensure you receive all of the custody, visitation, and child support you are entitled to.

When calculating child support, courts take into account several elements. For instance, how much time a parent spends with their children and the cost of medical and dental care for them will be considered.

Courts will also consider each parent’s income when calculating support obligations. This helps guarantee that neither parent suffers an undue financial strain due to a debt on one side.

In some instances, modifications to an existing child support order may be necessary due to material and significant changes in either party’s income or the needs of the children. Examples include job loss or severe illness that significantly alters either parent’s financial situation.

Adoption Lawyers

Adopting a child can be an exciting journey, and having the right attorney in Virginia Beach to guide you through the process can make all the difference. An experienced adoption lawyer will explain all your rights and responsibilities throughout this exciting milestone, ensuring everything is completed legally and correctly.

When considering adoption, there are two primary types: domestic and international. Ultimately, your decision will depend on your preferences and what is best for the child.

Agency adoptions occur when the local social services department or a licensed child-placing agency handles the placement. In such cases, the birth parents have relinquished their legal rights, and the agency places the child with your family.

Non-agency adoptions occur when the birth parents retain their rights and your family petitions a court to adopt the child. This can be done in either an open or closed adoption. With open adoptions, parents can share information about the child’s life and remain connected throughout its development.