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The Best Graphic Design Companies in Indianapolis


No matter the size or nature of your business, graphic designers are an invaluable asset in telling its story and drawing customers in. Indianapolis-area graphic design firms specialize in helping companies develop strong brand identities while conveying messages effectively through visuals.

Circle City Web Design, Torchlite Marketing, Young & Laramore and SilverTech are among the premier graphic design firms in Indianapolis, offering services such as branding, logo and website design, digital strategy implementation and more.

Circle City Web Design

Circle City Web Design of Indianapolis, Indiana offers web design, social media marketing, email marketing and search engine optimization. Their small team was founded in 2005.

Clients hired this company to design and create a WordPress website for their warehousing business. It features multiple portals with user-friendly CMS functionality as well as cutting-edge technologies like AMP and JavaScript integration.

Torchlite Marketing

Torchlite, an Indianapolis-based startup, challenges the traditional agency model by offering businesses an alternative to hiring costly in-house digital marketing staff and outside agencies. Their on-demand marketplace connects businesses with independent marketing contractors who plan and execute digital campaigns for them.

Torchlite’s platform allows businesses to select a team of on-demand marketing experts and manage engagement terms, hours, and payments while providing rich actionable templates.

Young & Laramore

Young & Laramore has over three decades of experience helping brands take a stand and promote themselves with advertising. Their team members possess expertise across different industries.

These experts specialize in brand strategy, research, creative direction, social media management and in-house production for clients from beverage, restaurant and active lifestyle industries, among others.


SilverTech is a top-tier web development firm with an impressive client list and awards to their name. Their focus on client service and employee happiness make them one of the most dynamic companies in their sector – you won’t find a more rewarding workplace than this!

Savage Media

Savage Media is a small marketing company located in Indianapolis, Indiana offering advertising, digital strategy services and more.

Their team specializes in web design, mobile & app marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media management. Currently they’re designing a website for a store display company as well as overseeing their SEO needs and social media management needs – this company also boasts a strong presence online with both a Twitter and Facebook page that’s regularly monitored by them.

Clear Brand Story Marketing

Today’s oversaturated marketplace requires brands to tell a clear brand story in order for customers to feel secure when making decisions and staying with your business. If customers feel confident making purchases and engaging with your brand story, this will strengthen customer retention and help create customer advocacy.

Donald Miller developed the StoryBrand framework with its seven principles to create an engaging customer journey that leads to purchase decision. By adhering to these strategies, businesses can differentiate themselves from competition and drive results for themselves.


CVR stands for Conversion Rate and is an important metric in digital marketing. It helps marketers assess how effective their ad campaigns are at converting visitors to leads.

Metrics that track performance over time and allow businesses to assess how effective their strategy and tactics are at generating leads and sales are invaluable tools for businesses. They allow companies to assess how their performance changes over time as well as gain invaluable insights into which digital marketing tactics produce leads and sales the fastest.

Made by Munsters

Made by Munsters is a studio that specializes in web design, mobile app development and print design. Led by an experienced team with 15+ years of combined experience.

They offer remote work as well, and their website features an impressive portfolio of their latest projects.


Disher is an innovative provider of custom solutions in product development, engineering and manufacturing technology for customers both domestically and abroad. They deliver these services both domestically and abroad.

DISHER is an amazing company to work for because of their commitment to making an impactful difference in the community. Donating 10% of profits annually to local organizations and offering their team 20 hours of paid stewardship time each year make DISHER an exceptional place to work.


SmallBox Creative Agency was established in Indianapolis in 2006 and employs 9 staffers specializing in branding, web design and more.

Human-centric approach for creating meaningful experiences for clients in non-profit and education sectors; can take on other ventures.