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Top 5 Graphic Design Companies in Indianapolis


Are You Searching for an Outstanding Graphic Design Company in Indianapolis? There are countless options available; here are a few of them.

Since 2013, this agency has specialized in branding, marketing strategy, and website design and development services.

Circle City Web Design

Indianapolis-based Circle City Web Design specializes in developing custom WordPress sites that are both highly functional and secure, as well as offering marketing services to help clients increase their brand recognition.

This firm has assembled a specialized crew that creates premium websites for clients such as attorneys, food bloggers, bands, land developers, and professional sports teams. Utilizing SEO tactics they drive quality organic traffic while increasing search engine results rankings of these products and services.

Cymbal Design

Cymbal Design is an impressive yet small team of digital media gurus who specialize in SEO and content marketing, web interface design, SEO-optimized ecommerce website design for local insurance providers, video-based interactive features that complement well-written copy, and web interface development. Their most notable accomplishment is an e-commerce website they developed and implemented for one such insurance provider with video integration as its top feature gimmick!


DeveloperTown is a digital tech agency, serving companies that specialize in business services, manufacturing, IT infrastructure solutions, real estate brokerage, and retailing. Clients include Republic Airways, myJACK, Baldwin Aviation, and Brand Amper.

The company provides web development and design, software consulting, project management services, and agile coaching to help minimize tech debt while building customer trust. Furthermore, they strive to maximize business value.

Burble Studio

Burble Studio of Indianapolis provides comprehensive digital marketing services for your business, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, and content marketing.

A design-build firm that uses an exceptional process to identify superior designs while finding cost-effective project solutions, boasting an award-winning website as part of its service offering.

Exact IT Consulting

Indianapolis offers one of the nation’s best opportunities for those interested in entering the tech field, from SaaS companies and software design firms to software coding jobs. Indianapolis also boasts an active startup scene offering plenty of career-development opportunities for those with tech backgrounds.

IT Consulting firms in Indianapolis provide businesses of all sizes and industries with customized technology solutions designed to maximize productivity. From cloud computing and cybersecurity services to data backup, network support services, as well as backup-recovery plans – these IT firms specialize in offering solutions designed to boost efficiency.

Clear Brand Story Marketing

Clear Brand Story Marketing is the art of communicating the story of your brand in such a way that resonates with its target audience. Stories allow brands to connect emotionally with their target audiences by telling a compelling narrative.

StoryBrand’s team is focused on helping your brand communicate clearly to your target market using Donald Miller’s seven-part framework to demonstrate the value you provide to audiences.


Cassis provides branding, marketing strategy, web design, and logo services in Indianapolis for clients in the business, education, and nonprofit sectors. Their small team works with an impressive roster of clients from each sector.

Their web designers create responsive websites that are user-friendly across any device. Furthermore, they specialize in SEO strategies tailored specifically for industry niches to bring quality organic traffic back to your site.

Focal Point

Focal point art refers to any artwork which uses color, value, and/or contrast to draw your focus toward one part of its composition – for instance, The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh and Edvard Munch’s The Scream are great examples.

Ayokay Creative Agency was established in 2011. Their team of 10 professionals specializes in copywriting, event marketing, and web design services.

LEAP Spark

LEAP Spark is a comprehensive digital agency. They help brands stand out and are easily identifiable.

Indianapolis-based agency offering advertising, branding, digital strategy, and search engine optimization services as well as UX/UI design and e-commerce development.