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The Best Mexican Near Me in NYC


No matter the occasion, NYC offers many top-rated Mexican restaurants providing traditional and cutting-edge fusion cuisines to meet every dining need.

Flatiron area restaurants boast modern dining establishments offering delicious small plates such as tender and succulent octopus plates or lamb barbacoa tacos. Their cocktails will also tantalize your senses, guaranteeing an unforgettable dining experience.

Casa Azul

Clase Azul Tequila has become a trendy choice among tequila lovers worldwide. Made in Jalisco, Mexico, and founded by Arturo Lomeli for over two decades, its popularity continues to grow yearly, with customers having a fantastic tequila experience. Lomeli stands behind this quality product by creating an enjoyable drinking experience for his customers – creating one of the top-selling tequila brands nationwide!

Casa Azul Organic Tequila is the brand’s flagship product and stands as an organic beverage with no artificial coloring, flavoring, sweeteners, or glycerine added. Produced in small batches and left to rest for two to three months before bottling for optimal quality results with a smooth finish, Casa Azul Organic Tequila makes a healthier drink choice than competing products on the market.

Casa Azul Tequila features bottles with designs created by various Mexican artists to honor and recognize Mexico’s rich culture while celebrating regional artisanship. Furthermore, the company contributes money directly to local artists.

East Harlem restaurant serving Oaxacan-inspired food like tacos made-to-order and traditional meals at reasonable prices, featuring vibrant interior decor. Family-owned, it features delicious meals at surprising affordability while the staff is always welcoming and attentive, though when busy, it may take some time for service to improve.

The Frida Kahlo Museum (commonly referred to as La Casa Azul or Blue House) is a historic house museum dedicated to Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s life and works. Diego Rivera purchased her birthplace home after her death and later donated it as the Frida Kahlo Museum – it has now become one of Mexico City’s most visited institutions.


Anejo in NYC provides some of the finest tacos and guacamole, using fresh ingredients with a unique twist. There’s also plenty of seating, full bar service, and shrimp tacos as must-tries along with pineapple chipotle guacamole; or try their Cheeseburger Fundido, which will surely please your palate.

Empellon in New York City offers exquisite Mexican fare. This Michelin-star eatery in the West Village combines traditional Mexican food with cutting-edge culinary techniques for an exceptional dining experience, boasting famous crowd-pleasers such as lobster tacos and surf and turf fajitas. Ideal for large parties, it exudes modernity.

Tacos Guey in Flatiron offers modern interpretations of classic Mexican dishes. Their menu provides seafood lovers’ favorites like diver scallop agua chile and prawn ceviche. Still, if seafood isn’t your thing, other delicious offerings, such as carnitas tacos or lamb shank birria, are also available!

Although finding Mexican cuisine in Times Square might seem unusual, Toloache 50 does just that. With luxurious high ceilings and tile mosaic walls, the restaurant provides indoor/outdoor/upstairs seating – as well as unique dinner dishes such as pozole de me tia (red hominy pork soup served with oregano, radish, lettuce, and avocado). After dinner, you can satisfy your sweet tooth by enjoying some churros!

This Mexican restaurant’s specialty lies in their excellent happy hour and bottomless brunch on weekends. Everything here is freshly made from scratch with generous portions – not to mention an impressive selection of tequilas and cocktails!

Bar Tulix

This new-ish buzzy Mexican restaurant in Soho has quickly become one of the must-try venues in NYC. Beautifully decorated, with an attractive crowd and more Mezcal than you could drink, its food truly sets it apart from similar buzzy establishments – and delivers on all its promises.

Chef Justin Bazdarich of Oxomoco and Speedy Romeo fame and restaurateur John McDonald from Mercer Street Hospitality have come together to open this seafood-centric coastal restaurant, inspired by Bazdarich’s years of travel throughout Mexico and California coasts. Bazdarich describes the menu as “free-flowing” to experiment with flavors across Mexican and California coast cuisine, from crudo to tostadas.

Interior of Elegant and Dark Restaurant. Polished tile walls, rose-colored floors, hanging orange lamps cast warm lighting, dark green booths, and tall windows that display recycled amber wine bottles create an intimate yet luxurious ambiance in this chic restaurant. Even when fully booked, it was still possible to have an enjoyable conversation without shouting or interrupting one another.

This restaurant provides an upscale and casual menu, including popular items like taco de trompo featuring grilled pork belly and steak topped with avocado, cilantro sauce, and cilantro garnish. Furthermore, they serve homemade guacamole on handmade tortillas and provide both brunch and dinner service!

Toloache 50 Restaurant offers an elegant yet romantic setting for brunch or dinner after attending a show in Times Square. Conveniently located off West 50th Street, Toloache 50 features indoor, outdoor, and upstairs seating – perfect for an anniversary date or other special celebrations!


Gowanus Mexican restaurant La Casa Azul provides high-end cuisine at democratic prices. It features an inviting bar offering mezcal to customers as they explore an Oaxacan menu, while close-set tables and kitschy ceramics create a friendly environment; not to mention, its new Michelin star rating makes this spot well-worth visiting!

Casa Azul, Frida Kahlo’s former residence, features swirling blue epoxy tables and striking wall art. Dimly lit after dark, Casa Azul becomes an intimate mezcal-focused cocktail lounge featuring ambient blue lighting. Enjoy dinner here in an enjoyable and distinctive environment; their margaritas are divine! Plus, they serve refreshing non-alcoholic drinks such as fresh agua frescas and la Flor Pura Aguamiel to complete the experience.

At this restaurant, guests can indulge in delectable Mexican fare, such as chilaquiles, tamales, and tacos. Their extensive menu has plenty of gluten-free dining options. Many dishes are presented in memes – tortilla envelopes filled with cheese and meat – or similar options called textiles, which contain shredded pork in chili sauce instead of cheese and meat.

If you’re craving more traditional fare, why not try our Chicken Enchiladas or Traditional Mole Rojo? Both dishes offer authentic Mexican food at reasonable prices with outstanding service provided by knowledgeable and helpful staff members – plus, our words are priced quite reasonably!

Toloache 50 offers delicious Mexican cuisine in Times Square and makes an excellent stop after attending a show. Their lunch menu offers soupy shrimp ceviche, an Aguachile, and vinegary rabbit salpicon; their 3 Leches de Horchata Mexican sponge cake is also widely recognized!

JAJAJA Mexicana

If you love Mexican cuisine, JAJAJA Mexicana will satisfy your cravings. As a vegan restaurant specializing in classic Mexican street food dishes like tacos, nachos, and enchiladas – plus an impressive selection of Mexican beer and tequila!

Seward Park Restaurant is situated on the Lower East Side and boasts a warm, welcoming ambiance. Its decor features natural and synthetic materials for an upbeat aesthetic, providing plenty of seating with ample bar seating as well. In terms of food and service quality, Seeward Park delivers both!

This restaurant offers some of the finest Mexican in NYC. Their homemade tortillas and fresh salsas make it worthwhile to visit; prices are very reasonable, while service is outstanding – plus the owner is lovely too – I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

JAJAJA Mexicana, established in Cinco de Mayo in 2017, is a vegan Mexican restaurant that Koorosh Bakhtiar and Nima Garos opened to express culture, community, and food in New York City. They operate four locations – Lower East Side, West Village Hudson Yards, and Williamsburg.

Nene’s Deli Taqueria is a little-known restaurant that provides some of the most delicious Mexican food at an incredible value in New York City. Tucked inside Eric Mini Market, this spot offers fast service with delicious menu items like their famous birria pizza featuring flavors such as guac and cilantro for a memorable taste sensation!