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Top 10 Commercial Lawyers in Boston – Know The Details!

Top 10 Commercial Lawyers in Boston


There are so many business lawyers in Boston that you might find it challenging to choose the appropriate one for your requirements. Here, we have talked about the top 10 commercial lawyers in Boston to make things easy for you.

Below, we will discuss the Top 10 Commercial Lawyers in Boston.

Christopher Strang

This particular commercial lawyer has already represented various parties in every tier of the construction industry, such as equipment lessors, material suppliers, general contractors, subcontractors, developers, home improvement contractors, and owners. Christopher Strang has also represented distributors, manufacturers, condominium associations, restaurant owners, commercial landlords and tenants, financial services providers, software developers, and other types of small business owners.

Kas DeCarvalho

This commercial lawyer, who is based in Boston, has an experience of more than 15 years and his practice emphasizes transactional and corporate law, commercial real estate, international transactions, intellectual property, financing, and mergers, as well as acquisitions, arts and entertainment law, as well as education long. His customers consist of individuals as well as nonprofit and for-profit organizations. This person also happens to be the co-founder of Original Innovative Concepts LLC.

Ronald E. Gluck

This person has been practicing law for more than 35 years in and around Boston while specializing in motor vehicle accident cases and personal injury cases. Ronald E. Gluck has already represented individuals as well as families in cases that involve transportation accidents and wrongful death. He has also represented customers who sustained injuries from MBTA Green Line crashes. Ronald E. Gluck graduated from Boston College in 1977 and the Case Western Reserve University School of Law in the year 1980.

Top 10 commercial lawyers in Boston
Top 10 commercial lawyers in Boston

Peter G. Calabrese

This commercial lawyer happens to be the founding member of his company, and he is also known to handle Appellate Litigation cases. Peter G. Calabrese’s practice covers an extensive spectrum of litigation issues related to residential and commercial real estate, construction disputes, and condominium association disputes. He also maintains a niche practice focusing on high-stakes appellate litigation. He had been a judicial law clerk for a well-known individual known as Honorable David D. Livingston.

Marc L. Breakstone

Marc L. Breakstone has been practicing law since 1984 in Massachusetts, and he has devoted his profession to helping individuals who have sustained injuries because of negligence. His practice consists of all types of personal injury issues. He is also known to handle cases against insurance businesses for unfair claims and bad faith practices. Breakstone also represents lawyers in disputes with their own companies.

Robert Masud

This person practices mainly in the Department of International Business Law, emphasizing helping US companies as well as foreign companies with financial transactions. The experience of this person covers every single aspect of complicated financial transactions, joint ventures, strategic alliances, transactional planning, and private equity for US as well as foreign clients.

Travis J. Jacobs

Travis J. Jacobs is considered a business attorney providing top-quality litigation representation and legal services to entrepreneurs, individuals, and businesses. This person happens to be a commercial attorney at The Jacobs Law, LLC, which happens to be a business based in Boston. The clients of this company consist of an extensive range of firms and entrepreneurs. The practice of this company is focused heavily on business litigation.

Kevin Michael Plante

This person happens to be a founder of the company known as General Counsel LLC. Kevin Michael Plante has performed legal work consisting of employment, contract, education, regulatory, and litigation. He has also adopted and negotiated governmental and private agreements. He is known to handle disputes such as administrative proceedings, litigation, internal investigations, and settlements.

Top 10 commercial lawyers in Boston
Top 10 commercial lawyers in Boston

William T. Harrington

William T. Harrington is reputed for representing different types of businesses in various business and employment disputes in federal courts and before government agencies. This person has conducted many jury trials and bin files and has already argued more than 40 times before the Massachusetts Appeals Court and the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

James T. Jones

James T. Jones has dedicated the last six years of his life to catering to the unique requirements of early-stage startups. He is known to help individuals who want to make their dreams come true and has more than 15 years of experience under his belt while working with different companies. This person had been a graduate of the Boston College Law School in the year 2004 as well. His practice areas are business dissolution, business contracts, business litigation, business formation, partnership and shareholder dispute, plus Mergers and acquisitions.