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Top Rated OTR Microwaves – Choose the best one now!

Top Rated OTR Microwaves


The top rated OTR microwaves will be appropriate for your kitchen in case you do not have adequate counter space. There is no doubt that these types of microwaves can help to enhance the appearance of your kitchen to a great extent and they come with lots of innovative features too. In spite of being compact in size, these devices are not that cheap, and therefore, you need to be careful while selecting them. Here, we have provided some astounding over-the-range microwaves that should catch your attention without fail


In case you own a modern kitchen, then this microwave will be suitable for you. It comes with some additional features that will help to entice any customer looking for a top-quality OTR microwave. Even though it comes with a 950-watt power rating, it will help you to take care of the majority of the food items in a simplified manner. The appliance can boast of having an easy-to-open handle, a sophisticated black design, as well as large buttons.

Top Rated Otr Microwaves
Top Rated Otr Microwaves

The amazing 1.6 cubic feet capacity of the GE JNM3163DJBB certainly deserves mention since it will be ideal for handling any sort of recipe. The innovative venting system that comes with 300 CFM airflow and uncomplicated 2-speed controls also deserves special mention. Also, you will not find it tough to use the control panel.


This particular version of microwave provides the users with an innovative sensor cooking technology along with other essentials such as cooking power of 1000 watts, a 400 CFM exhaust fan of variable speed, plus a turntable which the user can set to remain static or rotate as well. According to some users, one downside of this device is that it heats the food rather fast and it remains somewhat under-cooked at times. On the other hand, the location of the touchpad is quite convenient given that it is positioned below the door of the gadget so that one does not feel it difficult to reach it. The buttons might be somewhat bothersome to some users since they need to be pushed rather firmly.

Magic Chef MCO160UW

It will be great to try this model in case you don’t have many requirements in your kitchen. The 1.6 cubic feet device offers an exhaust fan having 220 CFM airflow as well as two speeds. You will be capable of handling the cooking of the majority of the dishes thanks to the 1.6 cubic feet capacity, and it is more appropriate for compact-sized kitchens out there that don’t have many active stovetops.

The presence of the food buttons will enable the user to prepare potatoes, popcorn, and other food items in an easy manner and it also comes with a revolutionary pizza reheat button apart from some other useful features such as defrosting. Here, we like to mention that the Magic Chef MCO160UW is available only in white right now. There is likewise a concealed vent with this OTR microwave that will help to simplify the entire layout of the device while adding a touch of simplicity as well.

Top Rated Otr Microwaves
Top Rated Otr Microwaves

Amongst the downsides, mention may be made of the absence of sensor cooking facilities. However, there is no doubt that the MCO160UW will be a fantastic choice for the majority of the modern kitchens out there.


This product from LG comes with one of the biggest capacities on the market at 2.2 cubic feet which will be ideal for cooking large dishes and family meals. The fan on this appliance comes with as many as 4 power panels and there are likewise 3 settings for the lights. Another notable thing about the LG LMHM2237ST is that it can boast of having an impressive fan speed which happens to be an outstanding 400 CFM.

Amongst the other useful features, we can mention the ground-breaking energy-saving mode which will turn the display off when you are not using the microwave. The position of the controls on this gadget is quite convenient being located at the bottom of the device, thus making it very simple for the users. Last but not least, this device from LG provides a warranty for one year for the convenience of the users that covers labor and the components as well as a warranty for 10 years on the device’s magnetron.