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Unusual Living Room Ornaments


Using unconventional living room ornaments can give your space a unique and exciting look. From tassels to seashells, there are many ways to decorate your living room. Try mixing modern and traditional ornaments, and add a touch of kitsch with gummy bears and seashells. You can also find some great ornaments for the mantel, like a nutcracker with tassels.

Decorate your tree with a mix of traditional and modern ornaments

There are many ways to decorate your tree this holiday season. For instance, you can buy ornaments in bulk and mix and match to make the whole look coordinated. However, if you’re looking for a more personalized and contemporary look, try decorating your tree with handmade ornaments.

While you might be tempted to use traditional ornaments, some modern designers prefer an unconventional color palette. Designer Stephen Sills opted for a tree adorned with straw from Mexico. He also included natural elements such as pine cones. Another interior designer, Sig Bergamin, prefers a tree decorated with a mix of traditional and contemporary ornaments. For his tree, he chose to use white spheres, purple glitter pinecones, and tassels.

If you prefer a more traditional look, choose a color palette with a central theme. Colors such as red and green can create a festive feel, while blue and rose gold can add a bold pop of color. Glitter ornaments and ribbon will add sparkle to your tree.

Add a touch of kitsch with a seashell or a gummy bear

Seashells and gummy bears can add a touch of kitsch to your holiday decorations. These two items will look adorable hanging from your tree and add a fun touch to your holiday decorations. You can find both of these items at local craft stores.

Add a pop of color with tassels or a nutcracker

Whether you want to add a colorful tassel garland or a nutcracker to your living room, you can find unusual ornaments for your home. They are great for a variety of occasions, such as Halloween, Christmas, and winter holidays. They also can add a quirky touch to your bookshelf or child’s room.

These pieces have become synonymous with Christmas and holiday parties. They’re the perfect accent for ugly Christmas sweaters and holiday parties. They also come from German folklore and represent peace and goodwill. Traditionally, these figures were given as gifts to protect homes from evil spirits.

Decorate your mantel with tassels or a nutcracker

A fireplace mantel can become an attractive and festive space during the holiday season. Since it is a central point in the home, it is ideal for adding seasonal elements and natural textures. Tassels and a nutcracker are a great way to add texture and color.

You can use a variety of Christmas ornaments to adorn your mantel. Try incorporating white and blue touches. If you live near the ocean, consider using driftwood and shells as holiday decorations. Another great idea is an antique life preserver. It can be dressed up with a holiday bow. You can also string tassels or a nutcracker to create a holiday message.

Ribbon is another great way to accent holiday decorations. You can use it as garland, or wrap it around a pair of stockings. You can also tie the ends of the ribbon together in symmetrical bows. You can even use floral wire to attach the bows to the corners of the mantel.

Decorate your tree with crystals

Crystal ornaments are a unique way to dress up your Christmas tree. You can use them to add sparkle to your living room. These ornaments are also an ideal way to add a personal touch to your tree. They can also be used to help you in the trimming process.

You can decorate your tree with crystals in any shape or size. You can also choose from different sizes, colors, and textures. You can also choose to engrave these ornaments with a special message. The sentimental value of these ornaments is hard to rival.

Aside from encrusting your tree with crystals, you can also add tassels and other unusual living room ornaments. You can also add a few vintage ornaments.