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Vitamix E310 Review: Yeah, that’s what you want


In this Vitamix E310 Review, you will quickly see if you want to buy it or not, and I think you will buy it, but you may hate it, let’s get started and see…

Vitamix blenders are the industry standard for professional kitchen blending machines, and the Vitamix E310 is no exception. I’ve had a Vitamix for 8 years and, while I adore my Vitamix 5200 and A2500, I’m always interested in learning about new Vitamix blending items.

I just got the opportunity to try out the Vitamix E310, and I’m pleased I did. If you’re in the market for a new blender and considering a Vitamix, you should seriously consider the Explorian 310.

With a convenient-sized blending pitcher for smaller quantities or a smaller family, as well as all the power/strength of the Vitamix engine, this is a fantastic little blender at a very reasonable price.

Vitamix E310 Review: The Vitamix E310 is obviously on the short side when compared to the Vitamix blenders I’m used to using daily, but that’s kind of the idea of this machine.

Vitamix E310 Review

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The Explorian 310 includes a 48oz blender pitcher. When compared to the bigger 64oz container, the smaller container size allows for a significantly shorter profile. Because of its smaller profile, the Vitamix can easily fit beneath the above kitchen cupboards, while bigger professional series blenders cannot.

The Explorian Series is a heritage Vitamix, which means it has the more practical, squatter blender base seen on professional versions, and is the sort of Vitamix I am most familiar with.

Vitamix E310 Review: The current Ascent series is sleeker and has a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, but I’ve always preferred the earlier Vitamix bases.

Vitamix E310 Review: Easy Setup

It is simple to set up a Vitamix. There aren’t many components or accessories to mess with, so it’s truly as simple as washing off the blender pitcher, lid, and tamper with hot water. Then just connect the base into an available outlet and start mixing!

The E310, like most Vitamix blenders, is excellent at producing smoothies. The blender’s razor-sharp blades and funneling design offer an ideal environment for making super-smooth purees and smoothies.

Vitamix E310 Review: The Noise

While some claim that the Explorian Series E310, and the entire Explorian Series in general, produce a lot of noise when compared to other Vitamixes, I’m not convinced.

In general, Vitamix blenders are loud devices. They have quite powerful motors and are certainly not “whisper quiet” to begin with.

Vitamix E310 Review: While testing for my Vitamix E310 Review, the Ascent series achieved almost the same decibel levels as the E310, especially when mixing heavier or harder materials like ice or a smoothie.

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Is it hard to clean?

The Explorian E310, like other Vitamix machines, is extremely easy to clean. The BPA-free blender pitcher and rubberized lid are also dishwasher safe, which is convenient.

I don’t like to use the dishwasher for bladed machines since I feel that it dulls the blades faster than handwashing. Having said that, it’s convenient to be able to toss the pitcher assembly into the dishwasher, hit a button, and walk away.

Some Vitamix models include a self-cleaning setting. Though this is a convenient function that allows you to clean your blender at the push of a button, you can easily reproduce the preset using an egg timer.

Fill your blender pitcher halfway with warm water and a drop of dish soap. Before starting the blender on high, secure the lid in place.

Allow the blender to run on high for 2-3 minutes, or until the water begins to steam. When the timer goes off, just rinse the blender with clean water and let it air dry.