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Want to go for a Photo Booth Rental 2022


Photo Booths has been in trend for the last few years at any event, whether it is a party or wedding. It is because people love taking photos with family and friends. It is amazing to see people having fun with photo booths. Atlanta Photo Booth Rental can offer you a guaranteed service to make an event remembered forever. With the best Atlanta Photo Booth Rental, you can express yourself in the best possible way through photos, videos, boomerang, and GIFs you never before. 

Photo Booth for Every Occasion:

The best Photo Booth Rental can be the perfect addition to any event. If you believe in the magic of a photo, book a photo boothto create the biggest impact at your next event, whether it is a corporate event, a wedding, or any special party.

  • Corporate Photo Booth Rental: If you want to promote your business, support your staff, or make your meeting a success, book a photo booth.So, let’s enhance the social media presence of your business with custom branded photos alongside your company’s hashtag.
  • Wedding Photo Booth Rental:A wedding is a grand event where couples dream of having the best celebration of their love.Awedding Photo Boothwill allow your guests to take more photos, share the moment through social media, and, most importantly, create lasting memories of your special day that will be cherished throughout life.
  • Party Booth: If you want to raise the bar and offer your guests complete enjoyment throughout your party, let’s give your guests a way to take home fun with a party booth. 

Top Services Offered by a Photo Booth Rental:

Look at the services offered by Photo Booth Rental provider:

  • GIF Booth: Do you want to take your selfie to the next level? Then say no to traditional both, booka photo booth rental. A GIP booth creates videos compiling multiple photos taken in a short burst. The clips can be shared on social media platforms.
  • Pop Up Studio: Modern photo booths also offer Pop-Up studios well equipped with all the capabilities of a full photo studio designed with green screen technology, printed backgrounds, and on-site printing.
  • Photo Spot PRO: Photo Spot PRO is used to take large group pictures. It is specially featured with a high-resolution camera, customization options and can accommodate 12-14 guests at a time. 
  • Photo Spot Mini: Photo spot mini adds a social media station with the photo booth to make sharing the pictures on the online platform easier.
  • Animated GIF Green Screen: If you opt for a photo boothrental, you can also get the option of making your boomerang GIF with your priority software. It is featured with custom overlays, digital props, and a filter option. So, let’s capture the fun times of your wedding with the Atlanta Wedding Photo Booth Rental.

 3 Main Types of Photo Booth:

If you want a one-stop shop for all your picture rental entertainment needs, opt for the Atlanta Photo Booth Rental because a team of professionals is ready to provide you with unique fun, incredible photos, excellent services, and last but not least, the memories that you will be cherished forever.

  • LED Photo Booth: Photo Booth Rental providers offers a Led-Photo Booth equipped with a DSLR camera, printer, paper, ink with a large variety of backdrops at an affordable price.
  • Enclosed Photo Booth: An elegant and classy enclosed party booth can be the perfect addition to your upcoming event with all of the lighting and actions happing inside the booth.
  • Green Screen Booth: You can get a digitally customized event-themed green screen background booth from Atlanta Photo Booth Rental Services.

Add Value to Your Event with Atlanta Photo Booth Rental:

Though there are many ways to add fun to an event, a photo booth or photography service can enhance the overall impact of an event as it gives a chance for people to interact with each other. With the popularity of social media among people of every age group, taking photos, videos have become the favorite activity as everyone wants appreciation in their social media platforms. So the innovators have come up with unique Photo Booth Rental.