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Webflow Tutorial – How to Use the Style Panel


If you are planning to build a website with Webflow, it is important that you first learn how to use the platform. The platform consists of several components: a website builder, a CMS, a style panel, and a free website template. Once you understand the features of these components, you’ll be able to create an impressive website.

Style panel

The Style panel is an important tool that will allow you to customize elements within your project. With the right settings, your designs will shine! It is possible to change the CSS element states in this tool, as well as customize the look of your entire webflow project. This tutorial will demonstrate how to use the Style panel. Once you have mastered the basics of using it, you’ll have no problem setting up the Style panel for your web projects.

The Style panel allows you to change the look and feel of each element on your website. From here, you can adjust position, spacing, background colors, borders, and animation effects. The editor uses a box model, which means that you can nest elements within each other and easily view the placement of each one in the overall structure of your site. It is a powerful tool, so be sure to explore it thoroughly before moving on.