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What does a fake Seresto collar look like


A fake Seresto collar can be difficult to spot as it is intended to look almost identical to a genuine Seresto collar. Some common tell-tale signs of a fake product include incorrect font, spelling mistakes, and other minor differences between the genuine product. The Seresto logo should always appear on the back of the packaging, inlaid onto the translucent part of the pack. Fake collars may also not have an expiration date printed on them, as genuine ones do.

It’s best that when purchasing a Seresto collar you buy from an authorized dealer or veterinarian office as they are guaranteed to be selling original products made by Bayer Animal Health. In addition, before using a Seresto collar always read through its contents including safety information and instructions for proper application. Avoid any suspicion by researching online what an authentic Seresto product looks like so that if you come across a counterfeit one in your pet’s future you’ll know immediately what it is and where not to buy it from again.

Check packaging for logo & instructions

One of the most important things to check for when determining whether a Seresto collar is real or fake is the packaging. A genuine Seresto collar should come in a white box with clear instructions of how to use it, including instructions for putting it on your pet’s neck. The package should also have the Bayer logo prominently displayed. If you cannot see any logo or instructions, then this could be an indication that the collar is not real.

Additionally, if the box has several spelling mistakes or other errors, this could also be an indication that the product is not from a reputable source. If you are unsure or still have questions about can inspect the collar itself for further clues to ensure authenticity.

Inspect color, texture & serial number

When inspecting a fake Seresto collar, the first thing you need to check is the color. A real Seresto Collar will feature a bright, vibrant blue color and should never be faded or dull-looking.

Next, feel the texture of the collar. It should be smooth to the touch and free from any inconsistencies such as bumps or ridges that may indicate a counterfeit product.

Finally, inspect the serial number on the back of the collar. The serial number must match up with what’s printed on your original packaging. This is an easy way to make sure your product is authentic. If you discover that it does not match, it’s likely a fake and best avoided for your pet’s safety!

Authentic collars feature two adjusters on one end

An authentic Seresto collar has two different adjusters on one end to customize the fit of the collar. This is what makes it unique and differentiates it from a fake Seresto collar. A fake Seresto collar may have just one adjuster, or no adjusters at all. You should be able to tell the difference fairly easily.

Authentic Seresto collars also feature special reflective strips on either side that are designed to make your pet more visible in low light conditions. These strips are a key identifier for real collars and will not be present on fake ones.

On top of that, genuine Seresto collars have an embossed Bayer logo on the fastening buckle which won’t likely be found on counterfeit versions. All these details combined will help you spot distinguish between a real Seresto collar and a fake one!

Consult official online databases for verification

A great way to make sure that a Seresto collar is real or fake is to consult official online databases. Many companies out there are dedicated to keeping stores, pet owners, and veterinarians informed about fake dog collars on the market.

These databases contain photos of both genuine and counterfeit Seresto collars so that you can easily identify them when you see them in person. In addition, they will list customer reviews, licensing information and retailers who specialize in trusted Seresto collar products. This will help any pet owner avoid being duped by an unscrupulous seller.

Lastly, be sure to only buy from authorized dealers of Seresto collars. Checking the official website for the appropriate license or verification is your best bet for ensuring you get a fully authentic collar!

To summarise

It is important to take the time to carefully check your flea and tick control collars for authenticity before use. This will ensure you are getting proper protection from parasites without risking exposing your pet to dangerous counterfeits.