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What You Need to Know Before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels


Solar panels are the finest energy-saving option for homes and businesses. Solar energy powers household electronics. Solar power technologies have become highly advanced in recent years. They allow you to save costs on equipment related to solar panels. However, before installing solar panels, you should consider some significant factors.

Roof Shape And Direction Of Your Roof Slope

Professionals for roofing in Chandler have chosen a shape for your roof. But, before installing your solar panels, you should ensure that there is enough space for them. Also, these panels need proper placement to produce the optimum power. Many professionals recommend facing the panels to the south. However, others say that it is better to keep them faced towards the West.

The Weight-Bearing Capacity Of Your Roof

Solar panels installed on your roof add weight to the structure. If the solar panel’s weight is heavy for your roofing system, there is a risk of damage. So, it may cause a collapse of the roof. You can consult your roofers to check the roof and determine its capacity to withstand the panel’s weight.

The Durability Of Your Solar Power System

Another important thing about solar panels is durability. The solar energy system should have considerable longevity to ensure consistent performance for several years. A high-quality solar power system will perform its function for almost 25 years. Thus, although your initial investment will be high, you will get a long-term value.

Estimated Time For Installation

Installing the solar panels may take a number of days, depending on your power needs. If you need more power for running appliances, it is essential to mount highly complex equipment. So, it makes the solar panel installation project more time-consuming. On the contrary, for those who need only minimal solar power, panel installation will be faster. Ensure you have hired the most efficient solar power installers who have solid knowledge about the systems. They will help you minimize the solar panel operational costs.

Does The Roofing Structure Need Repair?

Before installing solar power generation panels, you should consider your roof’s age. In case there is an old roof or the structure has severe damage, you should replace it. You may also repair minor issues on your roof before installing the panels. Besides, you have to know about the warranty on the roof and solar panels. If a solar panel’s longevity is 20 years and the roof lasts for 10 years, the maintenance costs will be higher.


You can now look for licensed experts to install your solar panels. They know about code compliance and safety standards related to solar panel installation. If you try to install the system on your own, the warranty will not be valid. There is also a damage risk during installation. Moreover, installers have to make holes in the roofing surface. If they are not properly sealed, it leads to leaks. So, rely on the best installers to configure your solar power panels.