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Why You Need the Best Family Lawyers in Arlington


When going through divorce or separation, a person should hire an experienced family lawyer in Arlington who can handle all cases affecting the entire family. These professionals should have expertise in property division, alimony, child custody arrangements, and support payments.

Divorce attorneys in Arlington, VA, can assist clients in creating a plan that makes the process smoother and less stressful. Furthermore, they strive to keep clients informed about what is occurring with their case every step of the way.

Child Custody

Child custody will be one of the most pressing concerns to address when you and your spouse are divorcing or going through a legal separation. To determine what’s in your child’s best interests and ensure their rights are upheld, consult with experienced family lawyers in Arlington to assist.

You and your ex-spouse must also create a parenting plan to ensure you spend quality time with your child. This could include setting visiting times or allocating specific times at each parent’s residence.

You may resolve your child custody dispute without going to court. This is possible through mediation, in which both parties meet with an impartial third party to negotiate a solution. The mediator acts as a guide and helps guide both parties toward an amicable resolution they are both satisfied with.

Divorce or Legal Separation

When dealing with marriage dissolution, divorce, or separation in Arlington, hiring an experienced family lawyer is essential. A legal representative can explain the legal process, assist with spousal and child support payments and work alongside you to guarantee you receive all compensation due in your case.

For instance, if you’re a military spouse, an experienced Arlington divorce lawyer will ensure that you receive superannuated pay protections under the Civil Relief Act. We understand the significance of this benefit for active-duty service members, and our team at May Law LLP will fight on your behalf to ensure you receive what is owed to you.

Our clients often go through separation and divorce for unique reasons. Whether they were involved in a severe relationship or committed adultery, the grounds for divorce differ from an uncontested marriage dissolution.


Mediation is an alternative to court proceedings that involves a third-party mediator who helps you and the other party reach resolutions. This can be an efficient way for families to settle their cases before trial, potentially cutting legal expenses.

At the mediation, you and your lawyer should be prepared to share detailed information about your issues and concerns with the mediator. This includes any relevant documents as well as other supporting documentation.

Your mediation session will likely begin with an introduction by the mediator, followed by a chance for you and your attorney to express your perspectives on the role of the mediator.

After a mediation, you and your attorney typically sign an agreement outlining its terms. This could be the definitive resolution to your case or result in further discussions with the mediator.

Custody Exchange

Many issues can come into play when going through a divorce or legal separation. These include custody, alimony, and property division.

If you’re uncertain how to handle these circumstances, working with experienced family lawyers in Arlington could be beneficial. They have the knowledge and skill set to explain your rights and responsibilities and provide guidance through this trying period in life.

Custody exchanges can be the most contentious part of a child custody agreement. This is especially true if one parent has been involved in a custody battle or experienced issues with domestic violence or a restraining order.

No matter the situation, it is essential to remain composed and courteous when making a custodial exchange. Doing so will make the process painless and stress-free for both of you.