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Would you like a Virtual Assistant? Use Your Phone Companion!


All about Your Phone Companion:

Your Phone Companion – Do you find yourself forgetting sessions, losing your ‘to do’ list or missing deadlines? If so, use your smartphone as being a virtual assistant to help organize your wellbeing and increase your productivity. I prefer the iPhone, but any cell phone will do all the tasks classified by this article.


Your Phone Companion – I use a particular calendar to keep track of engagements and also reoccurring tasks. After going into a task or event inside the calendar, the program allows you to select whether the task will be happening again coming back. The calendar has an awareness of warning me days, several hours or minutes before the slated event.

I track our workouts, meetings and ticklers. I delete the task up from the calendar once I have concluded it. Every night I ensure that I have done everything I put scheduled that day, and I preview what I include on the list for the next day. As I wake up the next morning, I recognize exactly how I will spend my very own time.


Your Phone Companion – In the past, I became a ‘list person. ‘ I wrote down my very own ‘to-do’ list every day even so I would usually lose record. I don’t know how many moments I went to the store then realized I had eventually left my shopping list at home.

Now I use the Notes plan. This is wonderful because if My partner and I run by the store on how home from work to receive milk, I can quickly what is shopping list I made in my very own Notes app to see if I really need to buy anything else.

I use that app to keep a food market list, a ‘to do’ list, store questions I really need to bring up during meetings, in order to keep track of orders I have inserted online. I can even use this a dictionary because the program has a built-in spell check out.


Your Phone Companion – The iPhone has an iPod touch and the sound quality is amazing. During long runs or perhaps bike rides, I have use of music and can use our phone in case of an emergency. I will even visit iTunes on my phone and get music if I hear a fresh song I want.

Email and also Internet

Your Phone Companion – I can email me personally directly from the Notes program and print any take note information out later when needed. I no longer palm write notes during conferences — now I just sort them into my telephone, email them to myself, and also print them out. after I get back to the office.

I virtually drafted my personal policy handbook while waiting in an airport during a business trip. I actually wrote a chapter regarding my first book throughout a Jet Ski in a lake near our home. When I returned residence, I simply went to my email and printed the paperwork out.

I can access the net any time of the day no matter where Me. I love this because Me one of those curious people who go to Goggle to find out information 20 or so times a day. I can also check out my bank balance and also pay bills online. I can also shop online right on my telephone. During a commute one morning hours, I booked a sail!

Address Book (Contacts)

Your Phone Companion – I will no longer collect business cards. When I meet up with someone at a meeting, I merely create a new contact inside the Contacts app. I can set any information I want in their record: name, telephone numbers, deal with, email addresses, birth date, company information, website, instant concept names, and any randomly notes I feel like covering this person. I can take a graphic of them to store with the call and when they call We can assign them their own ringtone.

I do not carry special business cards anymore. If someone wants my very own contact information, I have a form email address and text that I mail them. They now have my very own information on their phone and in addition, they do not have to worry about keeping up with my very own card.


Your Phone Companion – The iPhone is an excellent travel companion. I can utilize the Maps Application to find guidelines. Using travel apps, I will search for restaurants and hold a table. I can what is the weather where I am or perhaps at my destination.

While browsing the airport, I might read\ a book on a looking at the application, play games, watch movies on the iPod, listen to a saved audiobook, or training my Spanish.

I retail outlet all my frequent flyer amounts in the Contacts App simply by the airline. This came inconveniently when the airline cancelled our flight while visiting Aspen, Colorado.

Your Phone Companion – Delta airlines had taken me over other travellers because I was able to let them have my frequent flyer amount right off my phone — the other travellers only got the number of the airline these people were travelling on their paperwork.

Additionally, I store all the information to get rental car companies and loyalty programs. I hold my car insurance information held on my phone, which is easy to get at if I have an accident.