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24PetWatch Reviews


There are several different ways to get a pet health insurance plan. It’s essential to consider the amount of coverage you’re looking for before making a decision. There are several different coverage levels that PetWatch offers, and each includes different amounts of coverage. You can also choose different deductibles to tailor your monthly payments to your budget. This is especially helpful if you’re concerned about the amount you’ll have to pay out of pocket if an emergency arises.


Whether you’re looking for a plan that covers the costs of everyday veterinary expenses or a comprehensive health plan that covers common ailments, 24PetWatch offers an affordable solution. These policies cover the cost of diagnostic tests, rehabilitative therapies for your pet, and veterinary visits. However, one key factor you should remember is the deductible amount. Some plans offer lower deductibles than others.

The base plan covers various medical expenses, including surgeries, treatments, hospitalization, and prescription medications. The Super and Champion plans offer a variety of deductible levels, so you can choose the one that best fits your budget. In addition, each plan includes a microchip registry and lost pet services. Additionally, 24PetWatch offers a 5% discount for pet insurance plans if you enroll more than one pet.


Premiums at 24PetWatch are higher than some other pet insurance companies, but they provide relatively comprehensive coverage. The company offers four customizable plan levels and a user-friendly website. Those looking for more comprehensive coverage can choose a higher-end plan with more features. However, these policies may not be suitable for every pet owner. If your animal companion is young and healthy, the basic plan might be enough for you. For older animals, you might want to consider another option.

The classic plan includes a $5,000 annual payout limit, while the super plan offers a $10,000 payout limit. You can also choose between deductibles of $100, $250, $500, and $1,000. In addition, the champion plan offers a $20,000 payout limit. The champion plan also includes a wellness add-on that covers dental cleanings, vaccinations, parasite prevention, and routine blood and fecal testing.

Coverage options

24PetWatch offers a range of coverage options to its customers. These range from a simple accident-only plan to a premium plan called ChampionCare, which only covers routine care. The coverage plans vary by the deductible level, which is a good starting point for comparisons.

24PetWatch also offers a pet wellness care rider for a small monthly premium. This coverage reimburses pet parents for preventative and routine care for a specified annual amount. These services are beneficial because they help pets avoid illnesses and extend their lives. Additionally, 24PetWatch does not require an annual deductible, unlike other insurance policies.


The 24PetWatch plan is a comprehensive health insurance policy for dogs and cats. The insurance covers unexpected expenses and illnesses, including vet bills and surgical procedures. There are various coverage options, including annual maximums and monthly deductibles. It also includes preventative and wellness care and pays for veterinarian visits.

There are six plans available, with varying annual limits. The cheapest plan has a $3,000 annual payout limit. This may not be enough for a severe accident or illness, but it still gives you peace of mind that your pet will receive the proper care. The plans also have a $200 euthanasia allowance and a $1,000 accidental death allowance.

Multi-pet discount

You can save on your pet’s insurance by getting a multi-pet discount if you have more than one pet. Although 24PetWatch is more expensive than most pet insurance companies, it offers comprehensive coverage. You can choose from four customizable plan levels. It is also easy to enroll and make claims. However, the company lacks several features, including a mobile app, dental coverage, and wellness coverage. If you don’t need these features, you can find a similar plan with another company.

Coverage includes common illnesses and injuries. The plan also covers diagnostic tests, rehabilitative therapies, and veterinary visits. Some conditions are excluded, however, and the limit is higher for the Super Plan. You can also customize your coverage by choosing a deductible between $100 and $1,000.

Money-back guarantee

Regarding pet insurance, 24PetWatch stands out from the competition by offering many additional benefits and coverage items that other carriers don’t. For instance, its DirectConnect service connects you with a finder when your dog or cat goes missing. All you need to do is provide their phone number and some basic information about your pet.

There are four different plans available from 24PetWatch. Each plan covers the same types of medical treatments, but the deductibles and annual limits vary. That way, you can choose the level of a financial commitment you want. Among the covered treatments are accidents and illnesses.