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7 Best Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents


The real estate industry has been on a roller coaster ride in the past decade. Not only did the NAR (National Association of Realtors) membership hit its all-time high in 2006, but it also saw its lowest soon after in 2012 and recently during the pandemic. Realtors in today’s day and age face cut-throat competition. Thus, having your foot set firm offline is not the best way to do your business. 

The need to build an online presence with uscompanydata is a must for real estate agents. It increases your chances of being noticed by prospective buyers. It also gives you a niche to showcase what sets you apart from your contemporaries. The importance of a USP (Unique Selling Point) cannot be emphasized enough in this regard. Go the extra mile and devise a marketing strategy that is novel, attractive, and better than what the market already has. 

The best way to achieve this end is by offering a wholesome and highly personalized experience to your customers.

Devising a sound marketing strategy is the best bet for real estate agents who wish to attract new leads and maintain their past customer base. This dual-end can be met through myriad options at your disposal. Video has emerged as an indispensable part of the marketing strategy of several firms. Video marketing emerges victorious and is the most used available marketing option. The ever-growing prospects of the real estate video marketing have catapulted the businesses of several agents in a very short period for generate more leads. 

Keep reading to come across the seven best marketing strategies that real estate agents must use to be on solid grounds amidst the fierce competition present in the market. 

Create A Powerful Presence On Social Networking Sites

Social media needs no introduction. This fire-breathing dragon is something every person wants to tame. To put it simply, from corporate giants to small agents, every enterprise wants to reap the maximum benefit from the pool of endless opportunities that social media has to offer. A powerful social media presence enables you to put yourself out there. It further adds to your reputation, making your prospects know how dedicated you are to your work. 

The ever-increasing number of social media users is another significant factor that should get you serious about creating a compelling presence over the internet. A platform like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter helps you keep abreast of what people are talking about and update accordingly. These photo and video-sharing platforms also allow you to generate new leads for a new property. Social media is also a great place for real estate video marketing.

The existence of real estate agents on these social networking sites helps them share their success stories and boast about their closings. Such sites also make room for paid traffic. Don’t forget to add links to your websites and other social media platforms to your account for organic and paid traffic. 

Design An Eye-Catching Website

It is a known fact that most house-hunting procedures begin over the internet. Before tiring their feet, prospective buyers prefer to conduct an exhaustive search online to view available properties and deals. Thus, if you haven’t already created a website for yourself, you are missing out on a lot, my friend. 

Design a website that is eye-catching and provides extensive information on all listings. It will drive traffic organically to your site. Stand out from the crowd and include exhaustive information about the neighborhood of an available property. Make sure to mention market values and add as many high-quality pictures as possible. Adding a combination of stills and videos can further elate your chances of attracting buyers. 

Make Your Site SEO-friendly 

Search Engine Optimization! These three words shape the marketing campaign of every business enterprise. Merely having a website is not enough. You must take the necessary steps to make your website SEO friendly so that it comes up more than often in search results. It is only possible if you are careful to choose keywords that will facilitate the appearance of your domain in the search results of buyers looking for property deals online. 

Conduct quick research and list important keywords that will help you appear in the Google Maps top 3 results. Accommodation of keywords is sure to generate new leads for you. 

Don’t Underestimate Emails.

Old is Gold! The phrase stands true when talking about emails. In a bunch of newly available marketing options, email still stands out. Despite being old-fashioned, it proves to be an effective way to maintain relations with existing customers while also generating new ones. Its effectiveness is the factor that has kept it from facing extinction. 

You can highlight new deals and available properties to prospects through email newsletters. Email newsletters also make a great way to publish housing news and point out the latest sales. 

Reach Your Leads In Their Inbox

Your follow-up speed plays an indispensable role in maintaining good relations with your clients and prospects. The need for exceptional communication skills cannot be stressed enough. Reaching out to your prospects about real estate deals and other important information helps establish sound work relationships with your clients. Inboxing your leads can help you close an opening effectively.

It also lets you stay in your leads’ minds and leave no room for the “out of sight” theory. You can steer clear of overlooked customer messages by setting up an automated reply system.

Make Room For High Quality Virtual Tours

Nowadays, 360-degree videos have taken the market by storm. A great way to enhance your website and social media handles is to make the most of 360-degree videos. This inclusion will drive traffic to your business and create a demand for your listings. Prospective buyers will look forward to your website listings of newly available properties when they get the facility of virtual tours.

You can further enhance the virtual tour experience of your website visitors by kicking it up a notch with the use of drones. Drones will allow better visuals from different heights and angles.

Put Those Testimonials To Use!

Coming up with new and unique real estate marketing ideas is no child’s play. A simple yet effective way to increase your client base is by putting your testimonials to proper use. When buyers encounter the experience of satisfied clients, it builds their trust in you.

Posting valuable customer experiences will increase your chances of attracting new leads. Nothing works better than word of mouth. The experience of past customers is sure to garner the attention of new buyers and facilitate the trust-building process.

The Endnote

Battling against competitors is no ABC in the arena of real estate. You must be updated about what is happening around you. Real estate agents must also take steps to have the edge over their competitors to be the top choice of prospective buyers and be ahead of their game. Think outside the box to come up with real estate marketing ideas that are new and can grab the attention of buyers.

Adding the tips discussed above to your existing real estate marketing strategy will help you realize desired results. Constant up-gradation and updating with the trends in the market is the only way to survive and thrive in the present-day hard-fought competition.