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Admiral LittleBox Reviews


If you are looking for a car insurance policy tailored to young drivers, Admiral LittleBox is one option you should consider. This telematics device monitors braking, cornering, speed, and more to give you additional driving information. However, unlike many car insurance policies, Admiral LittleBox does not impose curfews or other restrictions on its customers.

Admiral’s LittleBox is a telematics device.

The LittleBox is an insurance-linked telematics device Admiral uses to monitor your driving behavior. The data from the device is translated into a driving score, and drivers with a higher score will be eligible for lower premiums. However, you should be aware that your score can suffer from behaviors such as harsh braking and acceleration, or driving beyond the speed limit. The Little Box will provide information about your driving behavior, and Admiral will provide support through its LittleBox dashboard if needed.

The Admiral LittleBox has many features that will help you save money on your car insurance. It includes a built-in theft tracker, GPS, and navigation, and it even allows you to influence your premium by driving more safely. Admiral’s LittleBox is a small telematics device plugged into your car’s dashboard. It tracks driving behavior by recording your speed, braking, distance traveled, and many other factors, resulting in an overall driving score that can help lower your premiums.

It tracks braking, cornering, and speed.

Like other GPS devices, the Admiral Little Box tracks braking, corner, speed data, and location. The data is stored on a secure server so you can access it later. The device is small enough to be fitted behind the dashboard. It will not be noticeable, and you can drive as normal after installing it.

While black box readings can be challenging, a little box hidden behind the dashboard can give you a good idea of how you drive. While this device will not track your real-time location, it can give you feedback on driving habits and reward safe drivers.

It provides additional driving information

Admiral LittleBox is a vehicle tracking device that allows you to monitor your driving habits and receive a discount if you drive safely. The device is rated with the highest possible rating of 5 stars by Defaqto, a financial information business. It aims to help financial institutions make more informed decisions about products and services.

The LittleBox is small and sits behind your dashboard. Unlike driving apps, you won’t even notice the LittleBox while driving. It records data such as the time of day and distance driven, which can help your insurer to understand your driving habits better and offer you lower insurance prices. The good news is that you can drive immediately after getting fitted with the device.

It doesn’t impose curfews.

Unlike many car insurance companies, Admiral LittleBox doesn’t impose a curfew on drivers. As a result, you won’t pay an extra fee to drive your car at night. It also tracks your driving habits, speed, and efficiency. This data is used to help you improve your driving skills and save money on your insurance. As a result, about 10% of Admiral customers reported saving 30% or more between July and December 2020.

It’s a multi-car policy.

If you have some cars and need a multi-car policy, Admiral LittleBox can be a great choice. It is part of the Admiral Group, an insurance business that has been around for over 20 years. It started with 57 staff members in 1993 and employed more than 5,000 people. This multi-car insurance policy is also an excellent choice for new drivers, as it gives discounts for safe drivers.

Admiral offers a single car cover from PS265 (with 10% of customers paying less than this figure between Jan 2021 and July 2022). You can also get a multi-car cover – it will cover all of the cars in your household and has one renewal date rather than many.