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BDA Nicco Park in Bhubaneswar


BDA Nicco Park has been delighting the city’s adrenaline junkies since 1998, featuring everything from exhilarating water rides and wave pools to rain dance performances and rain dance lessons.

Nicco Park offers visitors of all ages an unforgettable adventure and entertainment experience, so plan your trip to Bhubaneswar immediately and experience its thrills for yourself! Enjoy a full day of charge at this extraordinary adventure and entertainment park.

Thrilling Rides

Nicco Park offers thrill-seekers and their families plenty of rides to keep them enthralled for hours of excitement and thrills. Boasting more than twelve adrenaline-pumping rides, such as Twist and Turn, Moon Raker, Pirate Ship Striking Cars, and Caterpillar Flying Saucer, will ensure a thrilling visit – not forgetting paddle boating on its artificial lake.

Visitors to the park can also take a cable car ride and admire the scenic beauty of their surroundings. Additionally, various entertainment shows and performances amuse visitors- including musical extravaganzas and dance shows, among many others.

Near the park are various restaurants and food stalls where visitors can sample local cuisine, such as chaat, dahi bara, and chhena poda. Furthermore, there are markets nearby to purchase souvenirs and other items.

Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha, is an exquisite city filled with many attractions. Boasting an ancient history filled with historic temples, exotic beaches, and wildlife parks – not to mention an array of budget-friendly Treebo hotels – Bhubaneswar offers visitors plenty of things to see and do!

Are You Planning a Family Vacation or Weekend Getaway in Bhubaneswar? Numerous activities in Bhubaneswar are sure to keep the whole family busy; here are a few suggestions for planning your journey:

Ocean World Water Park in Bhubaneswar offers the ideal place for families and groups of friends to have an incredible adventure together. It is filled with thrilling water-based rides and attractions that will have you splashing for hours on end and relaxing dry rides for those seeking some respite while thrill-seeking.

Set just outside the city center, this park provides something for everyone. Water-based attractions and dry rides, dining options galore, clean washrooms, and ample seating make this park easily accessible via public transportation from airports or other travel sources.

Water Park

Are you seeking an ideal way to cool off from the summer heat while having fun with your family? Water parks provide an exciting way to do both, offering thrilling rides and activities suitable for people of all ages.

BDA Nicco Park in Bhubaneswar offers family entertainment on 25 acres of land located in Madhusudan Nagar and was inaugurated as part of an amusement joint venture by Nicco Group and Bhubaneswar Development Authority on December 12, 1998, with Chief Minister JB Patnaik as its first visitor.

Nicco Park Bhubaneswar features an exciting water park with numerous thrilling water rides and attractions designed to keep visitors splashing and sloshing throughout their visit. Additionally, you can engage in various recreational activities and games in this park. In contrast, its dedicated children’s play area provides safe yet stimulating environments for your little ones to experience mini rides, slides, and age-appropriate activities. There are also multiple food stalls and restaurants where quick snacks and beverages can be easily obtained.

At these eateries and restaurants, you can experience an array of cuisines and shop for souvenirs and gifts. Relaxation zones within the park provide quiet spaces to sit back and take it all in while renting lockers lets you store all of your belongings during your visit.

Bhubaneswar’s water parks are open all year but are most bustling during summer. To maximize your experience at these attractions, book tickets in advance. Also, consider visiting during monsoon season as some attractions and rides become even more thrilling due to increased water levels – perfect for thrill-seeking thrill-seekers but equally refreshing and affordable family fun! Take advantage of discounted rates; take in stunning river and forest views during this period, too.

Food Court

BDA Nicco Park boasts exciting rides and has an in-house food court serving a delicious cuisine range. Ranging from Indian and Chinese dishes, snacks, and beverages – you will find something here that satisfies every palate in the family! Additionally, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are provided to provide something suitable for every taste in one convenient place.

Other than food court activities, there are also plenty of fun things you can do at the park. Take a ride on the Joy Train that circles the entire park, or experience cinematic thrills through 7D Theater. Enjoy watching an exquisite musical fountain show coordinated with music and light in the evening!

Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha and a popular tourist destination boasts an exemplary heritage that can be seen through its striking Kalinga-era shrines as well as modern attractions such as Nandankanan Zoological Park, Biju Patnaik Park, and NICCO Park. Furthermore, Bhubaneswar boasts excellent air and rail transport connectivity to other parts of India.

Ocean World Water Park and NICCO Park are two top amusement parks in Bhubaneswar that promise lots of excitement and adventure for adults and children alike. Both feature exciting water slides and rides to help beat the scorching heat, plus they provide dining and shopping options to keep visitors refreshed throughout their visit.

Hotel Dionyx provides the ideal place to rest after an exciting day of laughter and thrills, featuring 20 rooms featuring classical decor and comfortable amenities at an affordable boutique hotel price point. Additionally, this location provides easy access to public transportation networks.

Odisha’s central railway station can be found in its center and provides numerous bus routes connecting it with other cities in Odisha and India. Furthermore, its airport offers reliable connections with significant destinations across India; additionally,, plenty of rental car companies operate within its boundaries for road travelers.

Fun for the Whole Family

Amusement parks feature rides and attractions to cater to people of all ages. Roller coaster rides give visitors an adrenaline rush, while water slides offer a refreshing way to cool off from the heat. Furthermore, food and beverage options like local delicacies such as chaat are available throughout the park.

BDA Nicco Park emphasizes educational recreation, with fun facts about each ride available at its entrance. Furthermore, BDA Nicco Park features a solar energy village that demonstrates how non-conventional forms of energy may be utilized daily and an entertainment village that features various entertainment shows and performances sure to keep visitors amused during their visit.

There is plenty to do near BDA Nicco Park, including visiting Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves – two ancient rock-cut caves containing various exciting carvings and inscriptions; they’re great places to learn more about local history! Dhauli Hill offers spectacular views of its surroundings countryside as an alternative destination.

Bhubaneswar promises an exciting and adventurous trip for children of all ages. With plenty of educational and engaging activities for them to participate in – such as watching majestic white tigers roam free at Nandankanan Zoological Park or exploring their environment at the Regional Science Centre – kids will experience Bhubaneswar as no other capital can.

Nicco Park offers thrill rides, water park fun, and delectable dining – perfect for all the family! So plan a weekend trip with your children to this exciting amusement park in Odisha; they will have a blast making lasting memories together, and it might even entice them back for more! So what are you waiting for – take action today and make some memories at Nicco Park!