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Nicco Park Kolkata Ticket Price


Nicco Park Kolkata should be on everyone’s bucket list at least once in their lifetime. With exciting rides and attractions like Wet-o-Wild water park, there is something fun for all the family at Nicco Park Kolkata!

There are various packages available for individuals that include access to several rides as well as food. Furthermore, discounts are extended to NGO groups and schools who request them.

Ticket Price

Nicco Park offers an enjoyable way to spend quality time with friends and family, with rides and attractions to suit everyone’s taste, from thrilling roller coasters to calm leisure rides for little ones. Plus, there are various restaurants, cafes, shopping opportunities, and entertainment features.

Are you in search of fun and an escape from everyday stresses? Look no further. This park offers various packages, such as one allowing access to all garden rides. Tickets are available from their front desk or website, and ticket prices for these packages can be found there.

Enjoy various activities at the park, ranging from rides and shows to an exhilarating waterpark. There’s also a replica of the Eiffel Tower offering stunning city views; winter visitors can even try to play in the snow! Many have never experienced such fun before!

The park features an assortment of food and beverage offerings, from Kolkata-favorite street foods such as pani puri to spicy jhal muri to restaurants serving Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines. There are also fast-food outlets serving fast food like pizza. Also offered here is ice cream for dessert lovers!

Additionally, this park offers its guests diverse activities, ranging from kiddie rides and thrilling roller coasters to water park experiences and the Wet-o-Wild water park itself. Furthermore, an indoor and outdoor theater is located within its walls, where performances occur regularly.

Reaching Nicco Park is easy thanks to multiple buses that run direct routes from many parts of the city and metro service. However, for those less comfortable taking public transport such as public transit or metro service who would prefer private taxi service through Savaari, it can also provide an ideal solution as this will save them from dealing with traffic and navigation, which is particularly helpful when visiting families.


Various packages are designed to fit every preference and budget at Nicco Super Bowl Park, featuring rides and attractions for families or groups. Food and drinks such as ice cream and coffee can also be enjoyed here; plus, they have an indoor bowling alley named Nicco Super Bowl and an ample lawn space perfect for special events.

Kolkata Park has long been a tourist attraction, and its popularity has grown. Offering rides of all kinds, an outdoor water park and roller coaster, hosting cultural performances, and providing plenty of activities suitable for people of all ages – this park truly is one of Kolkata’s premier tourist spots!

At Kolkata Park, there’s something fun for everyone – thrilling rides for adults, relaxing rides for families, a food court and aquarium, water show performances,s or interactive theatre shows – even cable car rides to get an aerial view of all these fun-filled spaces!

Nicco Park is home to some of the world’s most thrilling rides, such as River Cave. This dark ride allows visitors to experience various aspects of history through multiple forms of entertainment. Designed by Rajiv Kaul after seeing Thompson’s Blackpool in England as inspiration, the attraction features 13 rides for adults as well as a toy train that has quickly become one of their favorites among children.

Attractions like the Eiffel Tower should also not be missed, with its 40-foot height offering panoramic views over the park. Furthermore, this park features cable car rides and rose gardens – perfect for family outings!

If you plan to visit Nicol Park Kolkata, research its packages and discounts before booking online to save money and time. Coupons or promo codes may provide further discounts on tickets!

Avoid parking hassles by hiring a taxi or bus to transport you to the park. Not only will this guarantee on-time arrival for your ride, but this service also offers secure payment systems and complimentary bottles of water!


Nicco Park in Kolkata, West Bengal, offers thrilling thrills or just plain entertainment – whatever the case! Offering rides and attractions suitable for everyone from high-speed roller coasters to gentle slides, Nicco Park has something for everyone here – not forgetting eateries and snack bars such as street food (like puchkas and jhal muri ) as well as traditional Kolkata restaurants serving delicious cuisines ( including tender coconut water)!

Tickets may be purchased either online or in person. Visit the official website, select your date of visit, browse the Add-Ons available, and fill out your details before completing your booking process. Once booked, an email and SMS with your TRANSACTION ID will be sent directly to your phone; use it when entering the park by presenting this transaction ID at an online redemption counter.

Nicco Park is one of the largest amusement parks in Eastern India and features a range of rides, attractions, and shows. Additionally, this venue houses the Wet-o-Wild water park as well as an Indian, Chinese, and South Indian food court – as well as various day packages with entry and food and beverage vouchers!

Guests can reach the park via taxi or bus. However, for the fastest route, take the metro to Salt Lake Stadium and walk or hail a rickshaw directly to the park; otherwise, take the train to Howrah or Sealdah and then use taxi or bus services to reach their destination.

Visit the park during summer for maximum enjoyment while creating enjoyable memories with your friends and family. Please take advantage of Wet-o-Wild Water Park to experience its thrilling rides, but try to avoid visiting during monsoon season when Kolkata experiences heavy rainfall.

Other Facilities

Nicco Park, conveniently situated off of Kolkata’s Eastern Metropolitan Bypass towards Salt Lake Sector Five, is an exciting attraction that attracts many people looking for thrilling fun. Offering everything from rollercoaster rides and adrenaline-pumping rides to family reunions and leisurely walks – Nicco Park provides something fun for all and allows your inner child to come out. Don’t hesitate – make time to visit Nicco Park soon!

Apart from offering abundant rides, the park provides facilities and accessibility features for disabled and special needs visitors. Wheelchair-accessible entrance to the park; first aid stalls throughout; information center located right by entrance for any inquiries or assistance needed.

Nicco Park takes extraordinary measures to ensure its guests’ safety by setting strict regulations regarding riding its rides, providing a list of precautions for visitors, inspecting and maintaining every ride for optimal performance, and employing many security personnel to monitor visitor security.

The park offers various eating and recreational options, from food courts providing snacks and beverages to an ice cream parlor serving numerous tasty flavors to multiple restaurants providing food and drink.

The park’s Nicco Super Bowl bowling alley also serves as an attractive venue for corporate groups to meet up and have fun, offering four lanes with other indoor games like derby, air hockey, and pool tables. This facility provides corporate groups a place to have some relaxed competition and connect.

If you are visiting with a group, booking tickets in advance online will save money and ensure you avoid long queues at ticket counters. Nicko Park Kolkata provides an easy booking tab where visitors can select visit dates and make payments using various payment methods before receiving an email or SMS confirmation code to present to park attendants upon arrival.