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Nicco Park – Fun For All Ages


Nicco Park is a central amusement park in Eastern India with rides suitable for guests of all ages and an aquatic theme park called Wet-o-Wild.

Parents will appreciate the variety of child-friendly rides at this park that will put their minds at ease, such as merry-go-round, caterpillar, family carousel, children’s corner, and pirate ship rides.

Nicco Super Bowl bowling alley also offers four bowling lanes.

Thrill Rides

Nicco Park in India is one of the premier theme parks, providing thrilling rides and attractions at an unforgettable theme park experience. Dubbed the Disney Land of West Bengal, Nicco Park attracts millions of visitors yearly to Kolkata from the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass towards Salt Lake Sector Five – equipped with cutting-edge technology designed for fun and relaxation – perfect for family bonding! Located off Eastern Metropolitan Bypass near Salt Lake Sector Five off Eastern Metropolitan Bypass in Kolkata, Nicco Park makes for an exciting day out with friends or particular family time together!

The park provides a wide range of exciting rides for adults and children alike, including Family Carousel, Mirror Maze, Caterpillar MIG 21 Eiffel Tower Pirate Ship, among many more popular thrilling rides. Additionally, fast roller coaster rides will get your heart racing!

For those seeking a relaxing experience, the park boasts an idyllic lazy river with tranquil water flowing past it. Additionally, children will love exploring their imagination in Children’s Corner, while Water-Themed Attractions promise unforgettable fun and an enjoyable watery adventure!

Nicco Park offers rides for every taste imaginable – family, kiddie, and thrill rides all come under its auspices. Open year-round so visitors can come when it suits them best; water rides should be visited during summer for maximum pleasure!

Nicco Park offers more than just rides; there are numerous exciting activities and shows. Nicco Park was India’s first amusement park with both a quality management system and social accountability certificate, making it an excellent location for corporate events of up to 1500 guests.

The Park offers a food court that serves a selection of Bengali, North Indian, Chinese, and Italian cuisines prepared carefully to satisfy every palate. They also provide soft drinks and coffee.

Family Rides

Nicco Park is a family entertainment destination featuring an assortment of rides and attractions for everyone in the family to enjoy. Their educative recreational initiative embraces the idea that visitors should not only have fun while also learning something from their visit – this explains why there are explanations at each attraction on how it works!

Bull Ride, Pirate Ship, Sky Diver, Moon Raker, and Cyclone are some of the park’s famous rides, while there is also an aquarium, planetarium, and Haunted House for families to explore. There is also a Solar Energy Village to teach visitors about various non-conventional energy sources used in everyday life and a Rose Garden and a forty-foot high waterfall to give visitors a feel for nature!

Cable cars at the park provide a bird ‘ s-eye view of the entire facility and offer spectacular views of its surroundings. Aviators will appreciate that there is also a replica of the Eiffel Tower and an Indian Air Force fighter plane known as MIG 21 available for viewing here.

Lazy River Ride offers an enjoyable respite from all of the excitement. This 10-minute stress reliever involves floating along on a raft along a canal. Summer is the best time to visit this amusement park in Kolkata!

Nicco Park can be difficult to reach during monsoon months due to heavy rainfall; luckily, it is close to one of Kolkata’s main railway stations, Sealdah, and can, therefore, be easily accessed by bus or car from any part of the city. Nicco Park provides various passes that help make the most out of your visit; some offer discounts while others provide a comprehensive guide of rides and attractions within its confines – though you should note these passes may change frequently and are subject to availability issues.

Kids Rides

Nicco Park provides fun and excitement for people of all ages. Kids, in particular, will delight in rides like the toy train, family carousal (which offers a virtual horseback riding experience on an overhead platform), crazy tea party ride, and toy train ride. Furthermore, there are educational attractions like River Caves and decommissioned MiG-21 fighter jet, which children may discover here.

This park is popular among parents and youngsters because it offers an array of rides and educates visitors on the scientific principles underlying them. Furthermore, its green nature ensures it does not pollute. Again, this eco-friendly space features interesting natural and cultural attractions like rose gardens, waterfalls, and seed and plant stores for added interest.

Park has been featured in many well-known movies and TV shows, offering visitors a respite from city life and providing quality family time. But visitors should remember that its peak seasons may become very crowded!

To avoid crowds, it is best to visit the park during weekdays; furthermore, this particular park does not operate on public holidays.

The park offers different passes you can purchase for your visit, with basic tokens costing approximately 300 INR per person and providing entry fees and 13 rides and attractions in the central park. In addition, water merry-go-round passes can also be purchased. Students and senior citizens receive discounted entry fees. Therefore, it is advised to buy these passes ahead of time if planning on visiting with family.

Food & Drinks

The park doesn’t just offer thrill rides and family carousels but also a water park for those looking to beat the heat. Furthermore, multiple restaurants and food courts offer everything from street food to fine dining experiences.

Nicco Park offers some incredible restaurants to satisfy your hunger after all that excitement and play, such as Beach Cafe Restaurant (a vegetarian eatery that serves delectable food and beverages) or Bowler’s Den (a rooftop eatery serving Indian, Chinese, and Tandoori cuisine along with an assortment of drinks).

Advertising at Nicko Park Photo is an effective way of reaching an audience interested in family-friendly entertainment. Offering innovative mediums like glow lights, cluster cubes, signage, and ticket booths – the park provides ample opportunities for brands to build their identity throughout the year – providing up to 364 days of exposure!