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Best Family Lawyers in Omaha


Family lawyers in Omaha possess a range of skills and expertise and an intimate understanding of the emotions accompanying divorces, custody disputes, child support disputes, and more.

They can safeguard your legal rights and interests, guaranteeing a fair process. Furthermore, they offer emotional support and guidance.


Divorce is a legally complex process with serious repercussions. The best family lawyers in Omaha can guide you through it and guarantee your rights are upheld.

Divorce trials can be expensive and time-consuming, as well as emotionally draining.

In Omaha, divorce trials can cost upwards of $25,000 or more. It’s essential to remember that divorce trials may not be the best solution for every case.

A divorce lawyer in Omaha can assist with all aspects of your case, such as property division, child custody arrangements, and spousal support. They may even mediate between you and your spouse to guarantee that you receive all that is owed to you.

Child Custody

Child custody is often a crucial issue during divorce or legal separation proceedings. The children’s lives are directly impacted by who gets primary physical custody and how much time they spend with each parent.

Family lawyers in Omaha understand the emotional, financial, and legal complexities accompanying such matters. They provide services to protect your rights and resolve family law disputes.

Custody can involve physical and legal decisions about where your child will reside, their schooling, how they’ll be raised, and who makes healthcare and religious upbringing decisions. Additionally, this decision could affect the child support you must pay.

Child Support

Divorce can be emotionally draining for everyone, but it’s incredibly challenging if you have children. To navigate this difficult period, seek realistic advice and create a parenting plan that balances both your needs as a parent as well as the best interests of your children.

Child support is money parents pay to the other parent for the financial support of their child(ren). In most states, child support covers expenses beyond food and clothing – such as shelter, medical care, and extracurricular activities – necessities.

If you have difficulty paying child support or aren’t receiving it, contact an Omaha family lawyer immediately. They may be able to enforce your child support order through various methods, such as income withholding or a “show cause” hearing.


Modifications to divorce, alimony, child support, and custody orders can often result from material changes in one or both parties circumstances. These modifications may be temporary or permanent, providing substantial financial rewards for all involved.

Family lawyers in Omaha can guide their clients through the sometimes complex modification process and ensure all relevant questions are addressed. Furthermore, they offer guidance on avoiding potential pitfalls that could negatively impact future decisions and outcomes.

Modifying divorce, child support, or any court order can be a successful endeavor if proven in the children’s best interests. That is why having an experienced family law attorney by your side is critical; they will ensure you don’t miss out on an opportunity that could benefit everyone involved.


Mediation is an alternative form of dispute resolution that takes a non-judicial approach and involves an impartial third-party neutral mediator. While less formal than trials or arbitration, mediation has distinct stages contributing to its high success rate.

Mediators possess a variety of tools to aid disputants in resolving their disagreements. They assist the parties in identifying their interests and needs, exploring alternative settlement options, and reaching agreements that are satisfactory.

Professional organizations issue codes of conduct for mediators, guaranteeing they receive training in various communication and negotiation techniques. Furthermore, these organizations require mediators to possess specific qualifications to mediate family law cases, including expertise regarding child development and domestic violence matters.