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How to Find the Best Family Lawyers in Colorado Springs


Finding the ideal family lawyer for your situation requires making a list of potential candidates, then scheduling time to meet each one and get to know their style when communicating with you.

Working with the right attorney is paramount for achieving a good result when it comes to divorce, child support, or other family law matters. Our Colorado Springs attorneys can assist you with all aspects of your case.

Child Custody

Divorcing parents often face the difficult decision of child custody. In family court, judges decide based on what’s best for the kids’ welfare, considering both parents’ wishes and needs.

The court takes into account parenting time – the amount of time parents will spend with their children. It also considers the child’s upbringing, relationship with each parent, and whether a robust support system has been established.

Changes to child custody orders may be possible if one parent or the other can demonstrate a significant shift in circumstances, such as changing employment status, becoming ill, or moving out of the area.

Child Support

Child support is a monetary payment made by one parent (usually the noncustodial parent) to meet their child’s basic needs. It’s calculated according to state guidelines that consider both parents’ incomes.

Colorado law mandates that parents who fail to make court-ordered child support payments face legal repercussions such as driver’s license suspension and wage garnishment. A family lawyer in Colorado Springs experienced in child support enforcement can help you seek legal action.

As your child’s financial needs evolve, you may wish to modify their child support order. Our attorneys are experienced in making these modifications to meet your child’s requirements while safeguarding your financial interests.


Alimony, also called spousal maintenance, is one of the most significant issues that must be settled during divorce proceedings. Because it’s such a complex matter, working with an experienced lawyer specializing in this area of law will simplify the process.

Alimony payments are usually determined by a judge and take into account each spouse’s individual financial needs. A judge may consider factors like the length of the marriage, earning capacity, and other elements when determining.

Restraining Orders

If you are the victim of domestic violence, harassment, assault, or stalking, you may be eligible for a restraining order against your abuser, valid throughout Colorado. These orders can be enforced against individuals for up to one year from the issue date.

These orders may range from keeping you away from your abuser’s residence, business, or vehicle to forbidding them to contact you or their children. Furthermore, they can stop you from selling or transferring assets.

Never ignore a restraining order. Violating it can result in a criminal conviction.

Restraining orders can be challenged by the protected individual, who has the right to file for modification or dismissal under C.R.S. 13-14-108(2).

Division of Marital Property

When couples divorce, they must divide their property, assets, and debts equally. This can be complicated in high net worth cases or those involving many disparate assets.

Family lawyers in Colorado Springs can guide you through dividing assets according to your situation. Additionally, they provide insight into how courts in your state handle this issue and whether a prenuptial agreement can be used to safeguard particular possessions.

Property that can be divided during a divorce includes real estate, business interests, investment accounts, and retirement funds. The court will decide how these items should be divided based on their value, the length of the marriage, and other factors.