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Best property lawyer in kolkata: Dedicated to the pursuit of justice!

Best property lawyer in kolkata


Best property lawyer in kolkata who can quickly resolve your issue. One of the most difficult tasks would be compiling a list of the top property litigators in Kolkata. One of the most well-known Indian courts, the Calcutta High Court, is located in the city of joy and is the birthplace of many well-known lawyers in the nation. The names of the most well-known real estate attorneys in India’s cultural centre have been compiled as best we could. We’ve selected top lawyers based on their expertise, track record of achievement, client testimonials, and discussions with other legal professionals.

Check out the people on the list to see who can assist you with legal issues:

Advocate Dr. Saibal Chandra Pal

Due to his extensive 34 years of experience, the Santoshpur inhabitant is ranked at the top. He often appears in public at the Calcutta High Court. This attorney has successfully handled numerous situations of real estate insolvency in an ethical manner. He frequently attends the National Company Law Tribunal and the Calcutta High Court in addition to the former. Dr. Saibal Chandra Pal is an expert in corporate law, securities and banking law, intellectual property, land, taxation, and legal documents.

best property lawyer in kolkata
best property lawyer in kolkata

Ashis Kumar Choudhury

Since 1999, Ashis Kumar Choudhury has been actively involved in real estate litigation. He also owns Choudhury & Associates, which offers its clients high-quality solutions. He is able to keep his promises since he has a solid understanding of the matter and is a rapid reply.

Prithwish Ganguli

For the past 19 years, this renowned property litigator has been available to his clients. He handles property contracts, shared ownership, the purchase and sale of property, property disputes and litigation, landlord and tenant issues, property management and investment, planning, and trusts. He also deals with residential and commercial property. He is engaged not just in the Calcutta High Court but also in the nearby Kolkata courts on a regular basis. His clients value his skills, and he has been successful in getting published in numerous prestigious newspapers.

Lahiri & Associates

This joint venture’s well-known faces are Deblina Lahiri and Mr. Jayanta Kumar Lahiri, who exclusively deal with various real estate issues. This father-daughter team handles property registration and documentation with diligence and offers support. They favour client happiness that is both efficient and affordable.

Advocate Manish Paul

Admired advocate Since 1997, Mr. Manish Paul has arbitrated numerous property disputes with success. He has resolved legal heirship certification issues to property sales agreement instances in his 23 years of experience as a real estate attorney. Since 2000, he has served as SBI’s legal auditor. This renowned attorney completed his B.Com. LLB coursework at Kolkata’s Jogesh Chandra Chowdhury Law College.

Advocate Shiddhartha Banerjee

The native of Birati has spent the last 16 years helping his clients with their real estate problems in an ethical manner. In Sealdah, Barasat, and North 24 pgs district courts, he regularly practises law. He handled the nominee of the flat’s breach of contract issue satisfactorily. Khalisa Kota Pally, Birati, Kol-700051 is where his office is located.

best property lawyer in kolkata
best property lawyer in kolkata

Adv. Tapan Kumar Naskar

The notorious real estate litigator has spent the last 20 years representing clients in the Supreme Court, District Court, and Calcutta High Court. He has successfully resolved numerous instances and is knowledgeable with the specifics of various property laws. Although he specialises in property matters, he also handles family matters, criminal law, civil litigation, and constitutional issues.

Advocate Pritha Basu

Pritha Basu has worked as a property lawyer for 12 years. During that time, she has independently handled both civil and property matters with a focus on outcomes. She routinely practises law in the City Civil Court and the Calcutta High Court in Kolkata. She has been a registered member of the Calcutta High Court Bar Association for the past 11 years, as well as the Bar Council of West Bengal.


Only a specialist can handle real estate matters properly because they can be incredibly complex. Clients who lack experience and understanding risk dying. You can better comprehend your state and local regulations and make decisions that are appropriate for the situation with the assistance of a specialist. The only person who can safeguard your property interests and teach you about the law’s complexities is a renowned legal advisor. Illegal possession, ancestral property settlement, builder delay in possession, property conflicts among family members, and real estate disputes under the RERA legislation are examples of common issues that a property lawyer can handle. To file or defend a partition suit, resolve a title issue, or conduct a thorough investigation of your property’s paperwork, speak with a top-rated property lawyer in Kolkata as described above.