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Best Rated Drawer Microwave – Know more details!

Best Rated Drawer Microwave


The good thing about the best rated drawer microwave is that it provides lots of flexibility when preparing freshly heated food items. Even though most folks use over-the-oven or countertop microwaves, microwave drawers have become popular. Instead of removing a container by using a hinged door, it will be possible for you to lift the food items directly after opening the microwave drawer.  Here, we have presented a list of the leading drawer microwaves on the market that you can purchase for your residence.

Top Picks Of Best Rated Drawer Microwave

Sharp KB-6524PS 24-inch Microwave Drawer

This device is quite robust and will provide a comprehensive cooking strength of 1000 watts. The gadget is noted for its compact size, and it will be convenient for you if there is not much space in the kitchen. An area of 1.5 cubic feet is within the drawer of this appliance mentioned here. The good thing is that it has a button to help you open the drawer effortlessly.

Best Rated Drawer Microwave
Best Rated Drawer Microwave

Moreover, this product from Sharp features innovative sensor cooking modes that will surely be useful to you. Including sensible presets, a simple-to-use kitchen timer, and 11 power levels will make cooking relatively easy for you.

Bosch HMD8451UC 800

The Bosch HMD8451UC 800 will provide all the required electronic modes, multiple power levels, sensor cooking, and a timer. One can consider it a convenient 24-inch, 950-watt microwave that will simplify cooking. Furthermore, you can only open and close the microwave by touching it. No turntable is available with this device, and you need to rotate the food manually while leaving some time for the heat to be distributed uniformly throughout the food while it is being cooked.

Apart from this, this product from Bosch comes with a revolutionary locking feature that will allow you to maintain its position in one place as it is being cleaned. However, the panel does not have any illumination features, which implies that a light has to be switched on while it is dark out there.

SHARP SMD3070AS Microwave Drawer Oven

The good thing regarding this appliance is that it will not consume much space thanks to its relatively small size. It will also provide the user with an astounding cooking power of 1000 watts. You can cook the food uniformly without any need to rotate the food. Moreover, cleaning the device is relatively simple because it does not feature any turntable.

However, one drawback of this drawer microwave is it features an automatic glide that will drive the drawer backward and forward for the user. The intention for this is to prevent the liquid dishes from dripping. Although this concept appears not wrong, it can become somewhat sluggish in the long run. This can delay the process of microwaving to some extent eventually.

Best Rated Drawer Microwave
Best Rated Drawer Microwave

ZLINE Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer

This powerful, best-rated drawer microwave happens to be a 1000-watt device that comes with as many as ten power levels. Furthermore, there is an innovative sensor design that will enable you to defrost, heat, as well as cook different types of food items without any problem whatsoever. It will be feasible to fit 7” tall coffee mugs and 16×16” dishes thanks to the convenient space of 1.2 cubic feet. The brushed 430-grade exterior of the microwave is made of stainless steel, which provides a remarkable appearance while making it simple to clean. The gadget has become quite popular right now mainly due to its attractive design and the convenience it offers to users.


We want to conclude this article by stating that incorporating drawer microwaves in your kitchen will be a sensible idea because of their many benefits. These devices mentioned in this list have already satisfied numerous users and have many positive reviews. Thus, please don’t give it any second thoughts, and get hold of one of these appliances to simplify cooking for you.