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Best divorce lawyer in kolkata


The necessity of the hour may be the want to locate a best divorce lawyer in Kolkata or another city depending on location. Everybody’s personal life is a mess when they require a divorce lawyer, no matter where they live. Why should I look for a divorce lawyer nearby? is a question that many people frequently ask. The importance of place and authority is the solution. Since they will be in charge of pursuing your claim in the appropriate family court, it is usually a good idea to obtain guidance from a local divorce attorney. Your search should be precise, such as divorce lawyer in Alipore court where the court is named or divorce lawyer in a certain place, such as Howrah.

The concept  of divorce

Being a nation rich in culture and customs, it is dharma to be married and complete a solah sanskar. Only the word is different; the tradition is not exclusive to Hindus. In India, other religions also carry out the social institution of marriage, such as the Nikah for Muslims and the wedding for Christians, etc. Since there isn’t an one civil code, the locations, customs, and applicable personal law all rely on the faith.

best divorce lawyer in kolkata
best divorce lawyer in kolkata

Marriage is governed by the personal laws of the parties, thus when this social institution fails, it also happens according to the personal laws. Where the husband and wife are both Hindus, the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 is applicable (the term also includes Buddhist, Sikh and Jain), muslim marriages are governed by Sharia law. Muslim Law attorneys’ counsel is advised because the laws that apply to Muslims are a little difficult to comprehend. The Christian Marriage and Divorce Act of 1957 regulates marriage and divorce among Christians. The idea is a little complicated and tiresome, so it is usually advised for parties seeking a divorce to contact divorce lawyers in India to comprehend the complexity of laws applicable based on the facts of their case.

Divorce lawyers in Kolkata

If you’re looking for a divorce attorney in Kolkata, contact information is provided below. Courts hear legal cases in accordance with their jurisdiction, which is established by the act’s location or the parties’ connections. In Kolkata, family courts are where divorce-related issues are debated and ultimately settled.

If the circumstances of the case permit, parties may consult a mutual divorce attorney in Kolkata. If the divorce is contested and the marriage was solemnised there or one or both of the parties lived there after the marriage, it may be necessary to understand the various grounds that may apply. This should be understood through a divorce lawyer in Kolkata. The husband or wife, who are the parties to the marriage, must divulge to a divorce lawyer in Kolkata all of their private information pertaining to the union and any conflicts. If there are any divorce lawyers in Kolkata, they can look up their contact information and schedule appointments.

Kolkata’s divorce courts

Since divorce-related issues in Kolkata are highly correlated with geographic location. The divorce specialist lawyer in Kolkata chooses the court in which the case will be filed based on the same. The list of family courts in Kolkata is provided below:

  • The Barasat Court
  • The Alipore Court
  • Calcutta Family Court
  • The Baruipur Court
  • Barrackpore Court
  • The Howrah District Court

Important Things to Consider Before Hiring a Kolkata Divorce Attorney

It is advised for parties seeking divorce in Kolkata to have a thorough talk with family lawyers in Kolkata. The reason being that in addition to the marriage ending, financial duties like alimony and maintenance are also starting—usually for the husband but occasionally for the wife as well. Also, if there is one or more children born out of that marriage, to comprehend the result of talking to divorce lawyers in Kolkata about the issue, one can talk to child custody lawyers in Kolkata.

best divorce lawyer in kolkata
best divorce lawyer in kolkata


In a field like litigation, there isn’t. If you require a divorce attorney in Kolkata, be sure to outline the details of your marriage and the conflict you are now experiencing. An extensive consultation with a divorce lawyer in Kolkata is the first step in the divorce process there. Following an understanding of the facts, the divorce attorney in Kolkata will submit an application to the appropriate court, where both parties will then be heard. If there is any room for improvement, the court may order parties to mediation or counselling. They may approve divorce if they believe it to be an irreparable breakdown.