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Meeting with an injury lawyer: 3 essential questions to ask


Suffering injuries due to the reckless conduct of another person can be a traumatizing experience. Depending on the circumstances and evidence available, you might be eligible to recover compensation from them by filing a personal injury lawsuit. It could be a case of medical malpractice, a car crash, or an unfortunate slip & fall accident. No matter the situation, you should contact consultants or injury lawyers to know what you rightfully deserve for the losses you have endured. If you have never worked with a lawyer, here are some questions to ask before you engage them for the job.

What experience do you have with similar cases?

Experience is always the foremost factor in choosing an injury lawyer. Whether they have handled similar lawsuits and claims in the past can make a big difference. For instance, the approach and work related to a medical malpractice lawsuit are very different compared to an auto accident claim. Regardless of how the case shapes up, your lawyer will know how and strategies to protect your case.

Who will handle the case for your firm?

Establishing an attorney-client relationship takes effort from both sides. As a client, you should be honest and detailed in your discussions, while a seasoned lawyer should ensure that you have access to them at all times. Many attorneys often work for the same law firm, and you need to know the one who will handle most of the work. The lawyer you meet during the first meeting may not be directly responsible for your claim and having an explicit talk always helps.

What is your evaluation of this personal injury claim?

A good lawyer will never lie. Because injury lawyers take a contingency fee, they only take up cases with merit. However, you also need to know what financial recovery you can expect along the way to make a sensible decision. Your lawyer will check all available relevant evidence and will review your situation to determine the worth of your injury claim and give you an overview.

Finally, it would help if you also enquired about the legal expenses and costs that you are responsible for, especially about the investigation. Make sure you discuss the lawyer’s fee too, which may vary but doesn’t usually exceed 40% of the final recovery. Get an attorney soon after you get injured.

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