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Five Best Characteristics of an Effective Manager


Effective management is the key to increasing business performance. By offering good managers to your staff, you can ensure that your team has a brilliant example of an effective manager to follow when it comes to their work. 

On the other hand, managers must possess certain attributes to be truly effective. Here are the five most important qualities that every good manager should have.


A business lacking good and effective leadership is similar to reaching the fresh ground on a rudderless boat. Leading managers create the hierarchical vision, reason, and goals everyone seeks to attain. They work as a visual reminder and motivate their organizations to consider business objectives, aims, and outcomes. The ability to take and fulfill responsibilities should be constantly polished. Even the most experienced managers commit themselves to keep training for the better.

Moez Kassam is the perfect example, he is a hedge fund manager, venture capitalist and entrepreneur. As co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Anson Funds, he always keeps himself up to date about the latest knowledge. 

In addition, successful managers are always responsive and can answer any inquiries or concerns. They persuade others to contribute their best to the business each day. Leaders think strategically about the larger picture and work diligently to reach the next set of goals and objectives. 

Also, being a positive thinker as an effective manager is vital because it exhibits and improves your team’s growth and collaboration.

Positive thinking is one of the main reasons behind the success of Moez Kassam. It helped him in growing his team and managing them effectively. 

Expertise from Experience

Effective managers have years of expertise in the field they are leading. Most significantly, an effective manager has invested his necessary time in understanding his clients and exactly how to meet their expectations month after month. 

“To be a good manager of people requires both fairness and bluntness.” says James Cook.


Individual, product, process, and data performance are all affected by the reliability of an effective manager. Reliable performance is required for successful business planning and outstanding outcomes if you want to be an effective manager. 

Alongside that, as an effective manager, you are the main resource for each employee you supervise. You have to make sure that you’re available for any type of feedback required by your group, and it is critical to the growth and achievements of your business. 

Also, put out fires and celebrate the outstanding achievements of your team. It will demonstrate that you are consistent, honest, and mindful of your time.

Time Management

A successful manager schedules other people’s time and finds a way of working around their goals. A manager always ensures that enough time is left to complete projects and anything else that can be accomplished. 

It is essential when it comes to minimizing stress on your team. Managers must set realistic monthly, quarterly, and yearly targets and should be able to detect if their team members are more stressed than usual.


Communication is essential in almost any relationship, especially for people who work together daily. Professional managers should know how to figure out what their team is up against and enhance their devoted time by effective communications to overcome the obstacles in the progress of their business.